Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bowl Game Trip SLASH Why I love Carolina

White Horse came to pick us up at 6am the day after Christmas. Waking up was no problem -- I had been up since 2 because I found out my best friend got ENGAGED!! (Which, if you know us, basically means I got engaged. I'll let her wear the GORGEOUS ring though.) Trying to sleep on the train was like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve -- the excitment just makes it impossible.
We arrived in Charlotte and as soon as we walk in our hotel I see Deunta Williams. OH.MY.GOSH. So I call my brother over and tell him and we jump up and down and scream like little girls. Next thing I know THE ENTIRE TEAM is coming down the escalator. I could have gone back to Raleigh after that. It was amazing. Butch said "Merry Christmas" and "Go Heels" and I talked to Greg Little. (Actually I sort of stalked and pointed and said, "There's GREG!!" and he proceeded to come over and shake my hand and say "Whats up, How are you?" -- Again, could have gone home then).
We then went to lunch at this precious restaurant called Zinc. The food was delicious -- Daddy got some random beer and Lis and I split a bottle of wine (GAME DAY!). After lunch, we went back to the hotel where they were doing the equivalent of the "Old Well Walk" through the hotel. The team came through and high fived everyone. When TJ walked by Lisa yelled, "WE LOVE YOU TJ" and I honestly don't think I've ever seen someone look happier. Poor TJ has had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Everyone is giving him such a hard time when 2 years ago 2 eight win seasons in a row seemed impossible. But anyway, I digress. Back to the story. This is the part of the story that reaffirms my faith in athletics, gives me chills, and reminds me why I love my university more than anything. Marvin Austin came through on the Old Well walk, sunglasses on, per usual, but he was sobbing. SOBBING. I have never seen a guy cry so much in my life. If there was every any doubt he was leaving, it exited my body when I saw him. But can you blame him? And the fact that he loves Carolina enough to sob and visibly shake when he thinks about playing his last game, gives me CHILLS. Thank you, Marvin Austin, for reminding me why I love Carolina and college sports. You will be missed.

(What's Supposed to be the) Monday Morning Review

I took Monday off after a busy weekend in Charlotte so the Monday morning review is coming a bit late today. I will just talk about sports here and about the actual bowl trip (along with Christmas, why I love Carolina, etc, in a later post). Carolina football lost a CLOSE one to Pitt in the Meineke Car Care Bowl Saturday. Carolina lost 19-17. Pitt's a really good team and it was a very exciting game, albeit heartbreaking. Football season, I miss you already.

Carolina bball won a (too) close one Monday night versus Rutgers. We had very balanced scoring with 6 players in double digits (including LD and Dex). Dex had a pretty breakout game with 16 off the bench. Marcus was out with a sprained ankle. I hate that he's having to miss games again this season after last season. Next game is tomorrow night versus Albany.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Morning Review

Thank goodness the holidays are here to give me some Christmas cheer because Carolina certainly did not do that with their loss to Texas on Saturday. We hung around for most of the game, but played INCREDIBLY sloppy. That includes my baby LD :( It was an all around dissapointing game.

SO SO SO hopeful for the bowl game next Saturday, but so so so scared. Pitt is a ridiculously good team with a defense that can also make the claim to be one of the best in the nation.

On another note, Dukie Jay Bilas had this to say about my baby:
Point Guard Larry Drew, the biggest question mark entering the season, has played more like an exclamation point. Drew has played with poise and control, and is averaging 9 points, 6.8 assists, and 2.9 turnovers per game. While not a speed merchant, Drew plays with good pace and has done a very nice job running the team. He has also hit some really important shots and has greatly improved his shooting from last season.

My dad's response? "Bilas obviously didn't watch the Texas game." BOO.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


WRAL is reporting that snow could be heading to the Triangle tomorrow afternoon through Saturday morning!! SO EXCITED! Snow around Christmas?? That never happens here! Well, snow never happens here, let alone snow at Christmas! I just have to make it to 5pm today -- then pilates, Daddy's bday dinner at Coquette (YUM), holiday festivities at work tomorrow (hopefully including snow and leaving early!) Yayyy! Happy Holidays, bundle up and definitely use the weather as an excuse to rock some winter white :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brush with Greatness

If you are familiar with Chapel Hill, or if you consider yourself somewhat of a fashion afficianado, or even a sports buff, then you have heard of Alexander Julian. He is an acclaimed clothing designer, though his most notable contribution to fashion comes in the form of basketball jerseys for the UNC men's basketball team. Yes, Julian is responsible for the argyle that makes me feel we are better than every team in the country, even when we aren't playing better than every team in the country. Basketball + fashion? Definitely a man after my own heart.

Saturday I got the opportunity to meet this legend at his store, Julian's. He donned a bright red jacket and green pants - definitely festive - while sipping some varietal of red vino.

I introduced my family to my latest love in the store, the Glen Carolina bamboo scarf, and made hints that it was definitely atop my Christmas list.

Julian embodies the idea of a perfect mess by taking two seemingly unrelated things, fashion and sports, and marrying them into a beautiful, superior, national championship winning union. :) The fact that those two seemingly unrelated things are my two passions -- that's just the cherry on top. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday (Supposed to be morning) Review

No football news to update on as the Heels are resting up, practicing up, and otherwise swaggering up for the Bowl Game in less than two weeks! The Basketball boys took on Presbyterian. It was the game my brother and I go to while my dad and Lisa celebrate their anniversary at Elaines. We had such a good time. We won by over 40 despite Dexter and Marcus being out, and Marc Campbell playing 20ish minutes.

In other news, LD is 3rd in the nation in assists. That makes me happyhappyhappy. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter White

I lovelovelove the idea of winter white. Something about it screams I'm fashionable, I'm fresh, I'm clean, I'm crisp, I'm a snowbunny. I love that. I think I have a huge desire to be a snowbunny because we never get snow around here. And when we do? MAGICAL. The snow on the pines is gorgeous. Seeing the Old Well covered in snow is something I'll never forget. Yet, these snowy moments are few and far between for me, so until the next time I'll just wear my winter white and pretend to be a snowbunny. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Review - Depressing Style

It was a sad weekend, both basketball and football wise. The bball boys took to the hardwood at Rupp Arena vs. #5 Kentucky. The matchup was one that was discussed to no end because of Kentucky's freshman phenom, John Wall. Wall is a Raleigh Word of God graduate, but someone that we ended up not wanting because of character issues. (Or as Roy puts it, "Sometimes the shoe just doesn't fit.") Kentucky dominated for most of the game, but only ended up winning by 2. I'm really proud of the boys for fighting back the way they did; I wasn't sure if this young team could do it.

Last night they announced bowl games. Meineke. Again. Not happy. The plus side? The money we saved not flying will now go to a Bahamas trip in March. :) At least we're going to a bowl. We're playing Pitt who is #17 in the country and not a very good matchup for us...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

National Champions Part Deux

A rematch of epic proportions took place at the Dean Dome last night as Number 11 North Carolina, defending National Champions, took on Number 2 Michigan State, defending National Runner-Up. Carolina started out hot and aggressive, shooting well and driving to the basket with more ease than normal. The game was a fast paced one and Carolina went into the half with a 16 point lead. The lead would not stay 16, however, as Michigan State battled back in the second half. Carolina fought to keep ahead, led by the scoring of Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, and Larry Drew. Dexter Srickland, Tyler Zeller, and John Henson played critical roles off the bench and the Tar Heels defended their title with a win over the Spartans.

"Increased confidence, increased playing time - just overall experience. I was born to play this game and this position. As long as I'm out there, I'm going to make something happen. I came out here to run the team and to win games." - Larry Drew II (18 points, 6 assists).

Everyone, remember I was there in the beginning. When fans got nervous when Drew came into relieve Ty Lawson. Remember that. All the rest of you -- bandwagon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cyber Monday!

Yesterday was Cyber Monday, the online equivalent to Black Friday. I am not quite sure how I have missed this phenomenon in past years (maybe the lack of an actual paycheck factored into the equation), but I was a proud participant yesterday. One of my best purchases? A gorgeous silk blouse (see picture, left) from Ann Taylor that I have been craving for some time now. It's normally 85.00 but I got it for 40% off yesterday. It's going to replace my silk white and black Banana Republic blouse that has taken a beating over the years.
To continue the shopping spirit, albeit not cyber, I headed out to Target at lunch with a $50.00 gift card in tow (Thanks Wes!) There I got a gorgeous feather headband, an incredibly comfy robe, and the most "I vacation in the Hamptons" slippers you have ever seen complete with cable knit detailing and pom-poms. I wore them last night as I began writing my Christmas cards. Happy shopping and happy holidays! :)

(What's supposed to be) The Monday Morning Review

I got up at 6:45 Saturday Morning in 35 degree weather to go support my boys at Carter-Finley. Thank goodness the tailgate was fun because the game itself was entirely and utterly depressing. We officially blew it. I can't write anymore without getting really upset about it.

Sunday evening the bball boys pulled out a close one against the other Wolfpack, Nevada. The game was entirely too close but LD had 12 points, 10 assists, and 1 turnover. :) It was a bit sloppy (per usual) but I was proud of us hanging in there when we went down late in the second half.

Tonight at 9:00 (break out the holiday coffee tomorrow am) I'll be in the Dean Dome watching a rematch of the National Championship. MSU is currently ranked 2, while we are 12. It should be a good game and a HUGE test of our ability to hang tough with a MSU team that has 4 of its 5 starters from last year back. Will post tomorrow. GO HEELS.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sports Update

Shame on me for not having written yet this week about the sports of the past week or so. Last week the bball boys beat Ohio State (on two Larry Drew 2 clutch free throws, I might add) to take us to the Finals of the 2K classic tournament against Syracuse. The game with Syracuse showed me that an extension of the 2009 Championship team this team is not - and that we have huge amounts of growing and improving to do. Friday night Syracuse dominated and we looked... well awful.

Fast forward to Sunday noon, Chestnut Hill. The fball boys dominated BC 31-13, lead by Deunta Williams 3 interceptions on his birthday. That brings our record to 8-3 going into the final game of the season, NC State.

(Football side note: Recently learned that the Peach Bowl is held INDOORS. Do you know what this means?? I can wear any dress, any shoes, any perfectly adorable outfit I desire without the slightest regard to the temperature outside. IN LOVE.)

Monday night the bball boys played Gardner Webb at home. We looked a little better and it was a really fun game to watch. A good Daddy-Lindsay night. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Simple Pleasures

It's the little things in life... Like the new black croc jacks I got this week. While I'm forever in love with with my bronze jacks (they go with everything) I have been craving these for some time now. My wonderful mom surprised me with them on Monday. Since I believe jacks will be in my wardrobe until the day I die (more comfy than heels, more sophisticated than rainbows, perfect for football games) I have wanted this pair to add to my arsenal because I think they add that extra level of 'I'm very wealthy and sophisticated yet it just comes very naturally to me without any work' to any outfit. :) Depending on locations and weather, they very well could be bowl game bound in the near future.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning (or close to it...) Review

Ohh a good football weekend makes it a little easier to wakeup on Monday mornings (especially when I get to sport my Carolina blue cashmere scarf, but I digress...). The Heels had an amazing day Saturday, beating the 14th ranked Miami Hurricanes 33-24, and becoming bowl eligible with seven wins. The defense was amazing with several interceptions, and TJ moved the ball down the field exceptionally well. There was one play, however, that I'm certain will remained engrained in my football memory for years to come. Kendric Burney intercepted the ball and began running down the field for a touchdown. At about the 40, the Miami defense was closing in on him near the right sideline. Burney managed to give a quick handoff to Melvin Williams as he was going out of bounds. Williams then ran the ball down the field to the endzone, where he was hit, and the ball flew loose. Williams dove on the ball - recovery Carolina - touchdown Carolina. :)

Sunday the bball boys hit the court against Valpo. In a much less exceptional fashion, the Heels downed Valpo by 11 points. While a win is always a good thing, it was a game that it was very hard about which to get excited. We lacked any intensity and played like we didn't care. It was good to see Bryce and Homer Drew on Valpo's sideline, though. It reminded me of my high school days and one of my most well received articles in the Hi-Times. I'll post it later for a nice blast from the past. For now, off to look at possible bowl locals (Charlotte, Nashville... Atlanta??) and think of corresponding outfits.. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's baaaack

Basketball season that is. This the best time of the year - when basketball season and football season overlap and I get to spend every free moment in the southern part of heaven referred to by the commoners as Chapel Hill, NC.

But back to basketball.

We're 2-0 so far with wins over FIU and Central -- hardly powerhouses-- but a good start. We are ranked #4 in the country, a ranking many believe to be a bit high.

We are young and inexperienced and I've seen things that have made me cringe. But the things that we've done right... boy, have we done right.

The game against FIU was a bit shaky complete with 26 Tarheel turnovers (though, I must add, LD had six assists and only 2 TOs). The Central game looked like a different team. We still had our freshman moments, but we dominated overall and I saw flashes of a defense that won us the National Championship last year.

Quick scouting report before we get any further into the season:

Starting five
1. Larry Drew: LD2 is actually looking better than I expected. He has huge shoes (think Shaq size shoes) to fill with Ty gone, but he is looking a lot more steady this year. His defense looks solid, he's hitting the open man, and he's even knocked down a couple threes.

2. Will Graves: Will is looking a little chunky after not playing last season. He is very much the unknown factor right now.

3. Marcus Ginyard: This team would be nowhere without MG. He's in the best shape ever, he's defending well as always, his field goal percentage is up, and he's a vocal leader that will help mold the younger kids. He had 17 against Central.

4. Ed Davis: Ed is a beast, as always. That kid could play in the NBA today if he wanted. His rebounding and post moves will win many games for us.

5. Deon Thompson: Quiet killer. I always look up and Deon has 20 points when I think he has had 5. Another leader for this team.

Key Reserves:

-The Wear Twins: I'm not going to differentiate them yet, because honestly I can't tell who is who and who plays like what. (Side note: Daddy has decided we're calling them "Davis," a mix between David and Travis. When I asked him why we couldn't just call them the Wear boys he responded, "Because that's too pedestrian, Lindsay.") Don't know a lot about them yet, have just seen some good old fashioned effort and hustle. Always needed.

-John Henson: In a word, ridiculous. 6'10, plays like he's 6'3, blocks like he's 7'5...

-Dexter Strickland: Very athletic with lots of skill. Sometimes has trouble settling down into the offense. I would like to see him play some 2 alongside LD.

-Tyler Zeller: Looking better than ever. His work on the boards against Central was awe-inspiring.

-Leslie MacDonald: I haven't gotten much of a sense for Leslie, yet. I've seen him play some good d, but not much beyond that.

-Justin Watts: His role has definitely changed since last season -- at least in the early games. He's showing an improved shot and impressive athleticism.

Now time to savor the best time of the year. Go Heels!


Latest craving: feather detailed headband.

It's a dynamic duo.. a perfectly preppy, upperclass staple (a la Blair Waldorf) with an unexpected dose of the exotic. It's like the Hamptons meets Greenwich Village circa 1900. To bring it local, it's like La Rez meets Goodfellas or Solas meets the PR. Definitely a little bit of a perfect mess.

Revamping of the Blog

Over the past few days I have been giving "A Perfect Mess" a much needed makeover. I have played with it graphically and edited much of its content. The blog had become too much of a personal journal for me and while getting my thoughts and feelings out is important, that is the purpose of the 2-3 notebooks I fill up each month, not of this blog. While you will still probably see the occasional musing regarding my love life (or lack thereof) or social life, especially when I feel it applies to a greater message or a common good, I am going to attempt to leave the daily drama out. No room for that here. This is a happy, thoughtful place. :)

The inspiration for the title came from a Red Hot Chili Peppers Song, "Tearjerker." (If you've never heard of it, go.listen.immediately. Breathtaking. Seriously.) The song says, "She was standing backstage in a dress, a perfect mess." The sentiment is so beautiful -- that something can be a huge mess, yet still perfect. I think there is a little bit of a perfect mess in all of us. I know the term describes me. And this blog. Sports and fashion are my two passions, a combination that is unlikely, and in turn a bit messy.

When deciding on a picture for the title, I first thought of Helena Bonham Carter (Marla, from Fight Club). Marla is a giant mess in so many ways, yet I've always found her so incredibly intriguing and beautiful. I then decided she was too obvious a choice. Marla is definitely a mess, but she is a mess in the most blatant, observable way. Her clothing is dishevled, she attempts suicide, she attends cancer support groups to feel better about herself... definitely a mess. I then decided on Audrey Hepburn because I wanted to show the perfect mess in all of us. Hepburn is stunning, but had a life full of ups and downs, critiques and compliments, just like the rest of us. (She's also one of my idols, but that didn't affect my decision at all obviously.) I also thought this was a fun picture of her, a bit messy, a far cry from her usually prisitine appearance.

So welcome to the new "A Perfect Mess." Here's to accepting and embracing the mess within each of us.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dressing Room Requirements

Today I was reading contracts that famous singers have and what they require to be in their dressing rooms when they agree to do a performance. This, of course, made me ponder... what will I require in my dressing room once I'm discovered? (Joking, of course, my singing voice rivals my grandfather's, the man whose version of "Peg of My Heart" scares little children -- though in my old age I find it entirely charming and endearing that he constantly sings this song to my grandmother, Peg)

Crystal Light "Natural Lemonade" Flavor
Sweettarts (the normal size ones, please, not the huge ones and not the little baby ones)
Cheese (a nice smoked gouda, white cheddar, grueyere, brie en croute, and roquefort would be lovely)
Bread (toasted with salt and pepper, of course)
TI Cd (how am I supposed to do anything without my personal anthem, "No Matter What")
A good bottle of champy/prosecco (with proper flutes)
Captain (can't forget your old friends)
diet coke (NOT coke zero and WITH caffeine please (silver can))
Goodberrys - vanilla concrete with caramel and banana

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fball slipup

My boys lost Saturday to GA Tech 24-7. It was NOT a pretty game. I made a promise to TJ that I would not talk bad about him, so that will pretty much end this post.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Carolina beat ECU soundly on Saturday to secure a 3-0 record, the best start for the Heels since 1997. :) We had a great time tailgating and watching the boys march on to victory over those dirty Pirates!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fball update :)

Carolina squeaked out a win Saturday at UCONN. The Heels trailed 10 - 0 in the fourth quarter and then proceeded to get a field goal and touchdown (and extra point) to tie it up at 10 all. Then it seems, the sports gods were on our side. UCONN got called for holding in the end zone -- which is apparently an automatic safety. I learned a new football rule! Carolina victory 12-10. Countdown to ECU is on.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Opening Football Weekend...

Carolina dominated Citadel in what should have been a shut out, but what ended in a 40-6 victory. The Tar Heels dominated on defense, but still appear a bit shaky on offense..something that won't cut it against ACC teams. The run game looked okay, but the passing game still needs work.

State lost. Duke lost. That's all that really matters.

The Florida St. Miami game was an intense one last night with Miami ending up winning by 4 in the final minutes. Both teams looked better than us... let's hope we can hang in there with the big boys this year. I think we can. Go heels :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've always been a bit of a moody person. Most people I know would describe me as happy, but internally I've always had some pretty intense highs and lows. I attribute most of that to thinking with my heart and not my head, something that I have always vowed never to give up. I will always accept the fact that sometimes I must endure the lows for the most incredible highs that follow. But recently, I've felt a lot of nothing. Apathy and non-chalance have never been two words used in the same sentence as "Lindsay," but I have felt them often lately. I have felt like I was sleepwalking through life, more sad than happy, but not sad enough to do anything about it. I felt, for lack of a better term, asleep.

In the past few days though, I have woken up. I'm not sure what caused it, but I have suddenly been graced with all the ambition and energy I had before. I have been reminded that I AM smart and worthy. All my dreams and goals have been pouring over me in a way that I can only describe as intoxicatingly overwhelming. But it is such a welcomed overwhelming feeling. I have missed you, Lindsay. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I believe...

I was reading another blog today and she mentioned a series called "I believe" that was on NPR. She wrote her own and I thought I'd do the same. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

I believe that family is not only who we share blood with, but also those we would shed blood for. For that reason, I will forever be a believer in adoption, both literally and metaphorically.

I believe in forever love. Love that won't go away even when we want it to.

I believe in princesses and fairy tales and all things magical.

I believe that icecream and a rum and (DIET) coke (together or separately) really can change a bad day.

I believe that divorce/betrayal is the worst thing one can experience.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. And a third. And a fourth. People can change. And if you see a little bit of yourself in everyone, how can you ever pass judgment on anyone?

I believe that the outfit you wear to a football game CAN affect the outcome. For that reason, wearing dirty clothes is okay for Football Saturdays if your team is on a winning streak.

I believe in the power of prayer. "Letting go and letting God" is the most powerful lesson I've learned in my twenty three years on this Earth.

I believe that fashion can change the world and unite people from all corners.

I believe in less judgment, more grace. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

things i lovelovelove today.

Today I lovelovelove:

my diploma hanging in my office, hercules hooks (thank you jmcclenn!), thursday night fun with kay-j, icebreakers sours, my new vitamins, the fact that goodberrys will soon be in camvill (a fact my waistline does not lovelovelove), the song i love your love the most (describes my life!), the fact that fball season is ohhh 49 days away :), my birthday is soon (ok, i know i said i was not excited, but its me, its a birthday, and a VALID excuse to wear my tiarra and make people call me princess), the fact that im a rams club baller and moved up another level and will get the MEDIA GUIDES!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Skirts and the like (the REAL subject matter of this blog)

I got two new amazing skirts this weekend. One is black with the most amazing detailing. Front pockets, back pockets, a belt..all with amazing buttons. The other is a textured grey skirt that I must say looks absolutely fierce today with my new white T (love you Target - think cute fitted white T, not gangsta white T) and my prized, beloved yellow heels (what will I do when you are too scuffed to wear???-- the day is coming soon I fear). Looking cute at work makes my day just that much better. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


This weekend went so well! The walk was a huge success. Two of my boys came out dressed up in heels. I am so blessed to have such amazing and supportive friends! I lovelovelove you guys. We raised a ton of money for the Women's Center and had a great time doing it. Allison and Elizabeth did an incredible job of organizing everything -- they are two truly amazing and inspirational people. Then Bpais was Saturday night -- such a good show! I spent Sunday morning with one of my favorites and Sunday afternoon just relaxing.

Still on my mission for change... (I feel like Obama). I really want to get involved with non-profits. I would lovelovelove to do something with orphans or an adoption agency. Will start researching in the next couple days. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just got the biggest craving to lay on the quad...debating going over to CH for lunch, getting some alpine, and pretending im a student... :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

...Profession: Student

I'm going back to school. EEEEEKKKK. I cannot help but smile ginormously when I say that. I'm not exactly sure in what form or fashion, but I'm going back to school. :) I might just start with an online course through the Friday center -- while I'd love to be on campus, I miss learning/studying in general and this would help to fill that void. I'm thinking I might shoot for law school, fall 2010. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK. I know there's not really a chance I'd get into Carolina...a little greater (but still not good) chance I'll get into Wake... we'll have to see how far my lawyer connections can go. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

rant for the day: i.hate.state.

I'm a Raleigh girl, born and bred. I was born in Rex Hospital, grew up in the same ITB house my whole life, went to Broughton, remember the old/real North Hills, attended Icecaps games....heck, I even went to State games in Reynolds. That being said, I hate N.C. State. I don't really hate the school itself, that much. I normally judge a school by its athletics, and well, even on a good year State is mediocre at best. Yes, it is a little redneck (Moo U anyone??) and its fans are a little harsh, but I can live with that. Some of my best friends go/went to State and they aren't terribly horrible people. No, the thing that makes me hate N.C. State is not the school, athletics, or fans...it's the campus. State has by far one of the grossest campuses I have ever seen in my life, if we can even call it a campus. Spread out over Raleigh, it looks nothing like the pristine quads of shade, grass, and trees that I am used to (Ok, I'm a little biased having attended the prettiest University in the country). While I do not have the best sense of direction, I manage to get lost every time I am near State. Case in point, last night. I attended the Hurricanes game (not a State event, but at a State facility). It took me almost an hour to find my car in the gross gravel parking lot across from the gross dirty fairgrounds. The parking lots don't have names, they just say things like "North" "South" "East" and "West." Honestly, do you think I know which direction South is?? And if I don't know, I really doubt the average State fan is going to know.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Calm Down

May is officially 'calm down and let fate play its role in my life' month. What happens, happens. :) I can't control my destiny, so freaking out about it for hours on end is pointless. Time to calm down and be 22 for a while. Yay.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kickboxing/Race Dayyyy

Last Thursday I went to my first kickboxing class with my friend Lauren. I did cardio kickboxing in college - the kind where you punch the air and do combos - so I figured this would be the same sort of thing... I was definitely wrong. This kickboxing is hardcore. You punch actual bags and where gloves and do loads of pushups...I LOVE IT. Thank goodness Lauren dragged me out there (she is the best at this - finding new places/things for us to go and do...just the other day she found a new place for us to get pedis where they give you a cocktail while they do your toes!). I am finally getting back into shape...I still need to drop a few pounds for summer, but I feel SO MUCH better when I workout.

My race Saturday went really well. I was so nervous because I only had a chance to run twice in the 10 days before the race because of my sickness. I finished at about the rate of a 10 minute mile - which was okay. My next goal is to get under 30 minutes. My family came and cheered me on which was a huge help and motivator!

Tonight I'm going to take the night off and just sleeeeeeep. :) I'm exhausted.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ty and Wayne

Ty and Wayne are announcing at 2:30 today...highly doubt any surprises but will update later!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


While I'm in my content moment of clarity, I wanted to send out an apology (ies). I know most people that these apologies go out to probably don't read this blog (thank goodness!), but maybe just putting it out there in the universe and vowing not to repeat my actions is good enough. Some are general, some are specific (but not named), others are specific (and named).

I'm sorry if I've been too preoccupied with my own problems to give yours the time of day. I realized how blessed I am to have such an amazing life and wonderful friends who are willing to listen to me. If I've ever cut you off while you were speaking or belittled your problems, please forgive me! I really do care about you all more than you know! Though I can be a bit of a homebody at times, I love you all so much and know I couldn't survive a single day without you.

I'm sorry if I talked back to you (Mom). I know we butted heads a lot and for that I'm so sorry. You are EVERYTHING I want to be when I grow up (still not grown up...) and I respect you more than I respect anyone in the whole world. Everyday I find myself saying "Mom was right." I'm glad I've gotten over my stubborn, stupid self and we've gotten to the point where we can be best friends. I love you. :)

I'm sorry if I held you to unreasonable/stupid standards. I recently realized how often I do this with you! I get mad at you for things I wouldn't give a second thought to if someone else did them. After all those years of telling you you needed to read the sign in your kitchen, I now realize that I am just as guilty as you! I am so grateful for you in my life and I do not tell you that enough! Squeezes.

I'm sorry to everyone I let down, especially you little brother.  You are the one person I want to see me in the best light possible. I know how much you look up to me and when I let you down it hurts me more than anything on this earth. Since the day when I could get you to stop crying when no one else could, you've had my heart entirely. I'm sorry for the times I've fallen short of the big sister I should be. I promise to try to do better. Lovelove.

Content :)

I lovelovelove those days when I feel an overwhelming sense of peace... today is definitely one of those days. It's ironic because I'm having a fat day (gross!) and I have absolutely no voice (thank you, laryngitis), but I'm feeling wonderfully, blissfully content. :)

I'm kind of getting used to this whole not talking thing. Normally, I am a talker. If I am privileged enough to call you one of my good friends, then this is nothing new to you. And let me just apologize now for the sometimes (often) incessant talking. This laryngitis is teaching me that it's nice to sit back and really listen and observe. Sometimes I get so caught up in myself and my emotions (trust me, emotional describes me on my most stoic of days) that I fail to put myself in other people's shoes. That is something I've been trying to work on, ESPECIALLY with people that I am very quick to ostracize or put down because of past history or our close relationship. I realize how unfair I have often been in that capacity and not being able to speak has only served to shed more light on the subject.

My race is Saturday. I was so excited that I actually trained for something and stuck with it... until I got sick. I've managed to walk almost everyday, but it's been about a week since I've run. My mom keeps suggesting I skip it and go to the beach, but something is telling me I have to go through with it. I'm debating training for next year's half marathon. One of my "to dos" in life is to set a goal that absolutely terrifies me. This 5k was a step, but a half marathon would be the ultimate terrifying feat.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hodge Podge

I guess I should start by saying, GO HEELS!! My boys won the National Championship in rather dominating fashion. I'm going to miss this team. It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Speaking of tearing up, my brother cried when the boys came back to the Dean Dome from Detroit. He was so confused. At seven you haven't really experienced many cries except selfish ones (ie I'm physically hurt, my feelings are hurt, I didn't get my way, etc) and so when he cried when the boys came home he didn't understand. I was sooooo proud of him. What else would I expect from the boy who got his first report card at age five and asked, in all seriousness, "Are these grades good enough to get into Carolina?" :)

I'm sick... which sucks. I think I have the flu. I stayed out of work yesterday. It was miserable. Every part of my body hurt. I could barely walk. Today I'm back at work with basically just a sore throat. It is a welcome reduction to the pain of yesterday. It's also kept me from running which is AWFUL considering my race is in a little over a week. I ran a quick mile on Tuesday. Yesterday I ran a mile with my brother at his school because he was so excited about it. I felt horrible and like I was going to die, but I'm glad it made him happy.

I'm all dopey on meds today and keep getting confused really easily -- which is not good when you struggle enough pre-meds. I am looking forward to going home and crawling in bed. Or maybe going on a walk, tanning, and then getting a free drink or two at Third Thursday....then crawling into bed. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

...I might like Roy...

I'm sitting here at work reading pregame articles (that's pretty much all my focus will allow for today) and there's an article that basically calls Tom Izzo an angel and Roy Williams a giant jerkface. So, I'm reading said article, and I start getting upset. Which sounds pretty normal. I mean you are supposed to support the coach of your team, right? Fair enough, but I have never liked Roy Williams. It all started because I was a huge Matt Doherty fan (as many will tell you, I am a fan of the underdogs...:) ) Roy didn't give a ____ about North Carolina. As a Carolina fan, that hurts. College basketball in this part of the country is a religion. And us Carolina fans tend to think Carolina basketball is the mecca of that religion. That's why when Roy Williams didn't give a ____ about North Carolina, I got mad. Nobody says that about the best school, basketball or otherwise, in the nation.

Yet, today when I was reading the article, I found myself getting very upset and immediately jumping to Roy's defense. .... And that is when I realized... .I think that I might like Roy these days. He does look like my dad and he says cute things like "Jimminy Christmas." He plays a style of basketball that I like. Sometimes he dresses badly, but when he wears the cute striped tie he makes up for it. He cried when talking about this year's group of seniors - I loved that. And he doesn't sugarcoat... even though that made me mad six years ago, I appreciate that today. Oh yeah, and he recruited LARRY DREW.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Ty Lawson listed just one school....

I lovelovelove human interest stories on athletes. LOVE. I just read one that gave me chills... particularly the following:

Dante Cunningham said he recently looked through an old scrapbook that the two coaches had put together, and found a sheet in which they had asked each player -- when they were just 11 -- to state what college they dreamed of playing for. Dante wrote down Michigan, or Georgetown, which had recently been the homes of Chris Webber and Allen Iverson, respectively. Ty Lawson listed just one school: North Carolina. "When I saw that," Cunningham said, "I thought, 'Wow. That's crazy, that he already knew back then.'"

I love that. The greatest point guard in the nation knew from the time he was eleven he wanted to play for Carolina.

I know the feeling. I knew from birth, basically, that I wanted to go to Carolina. Sure I applied to a few schools, but deep down I knew I would end up at Carolina. Without a doubt the best four years of my life. Nothing beats walking through the quad on a sunny day or tailgating before singing the alma mater at Kenan. Nothing. It makes me smile to think Ty, the greatest point guard in the entire country, feels those things too. :)

And tonight I get to pretend I'm back living it all again. Heaven!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am h-a-p-p-y.

I can play about five songs on the piano. Jingle Bells, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Oh Holy Night (it's a requirement to know how to play this in my family - my Aunt Gail hates this song so we all play it for her), the little bikini song, AND I am h-a-p-p-y.

I am h-a-p-p-y is one of the easiest songs to play on the piano, ever. My grandmother taught it to me the first time I spent two weeks at her house during the summer. Those were a great two weeks. My grandmother was an amazing person -- she knew more about ACC basketball than anyone I know. There was never a bigger Clemson fan in the history of the world. The two weeks I spent at her house were so much fun. We would start every morning with her saying, "Lindsay, look how much my hibiscus has grown" and end the evenings with fresh South Carolina peaches, chocolate milk, and nick-at-nite. I miss that.

Anyway, I woke up with that song in my head. I haven't thought of that song in YEARS, and I woke up with it in my head. It's really counterintutive because I went to bed crying and woke up from a nightmare crying in the middle of the night. Yet, when I woke up this morning, that song was in my head.

And today has actually turned into a great day! I felt the peace I was feeling weeks ago and I talked to my best friend. Tonight I get to see my life coach (aka my brother) who can only help steer things in the right direction.

2 days til LD owns everyone... :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've officially finished my three brackets (with Carolina winning them all, obviously. Come on Tywon, my hopes for greatness lie squarely upon your shoulders, orrrr big toe). Now comes the best part. The giddy part. The NCAA tournament is on my top ten amazing things list. I've never really tried to actualize that list, but the NCAAs are right up there with massages and goodberrys and rum and diets and wine and cheese outside on a warm evening with good company. So when tournament time comes around, I can't focus on anything but basketball (which I think has helped my diet...I was so distracted talking basketball last night, that I only ate about 1/4 of my Kanki and have lost a pound as of this morning). The fact that I get this way has provided me a much needed reminder - sports, college sports specifically, is where my heart is and where I will ultimately end up. I sometimes find myself getting complacent now that I have a job and a steady paycheck. I can never let that happen. Everytime I get complacent I need to remember the stories of Shammond Williams beating the odds and making it to the NBA. I need to remember Chris Webber's timeout against UNC in the NCAA Championship. I need to remember Matt Doherty saying "Duke cheerleaders are ugly." I need to remember watching the Miami football team dance as Carolina beat them at Kenan. I need to remember falling down the hill at the Dean Dome in a mad rush to Franklin Street after we won the 2005 National Championship (and dedicating the fall to Jackie Manuel). When I lose focus, I need to remember those moments. Those moments are the reason I love college sports. Those moments are the reason I can't become complacent.

So with that said, let the games begin. And may there be many more moments I need to remember.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ACC Player of the Year

Ty won. But I've decided there should be a "Player of the Year" and a "Most Valuable Player." Player of the year: Tyler Hansbrough
MVP: Ty Lawson
So, ACC, if you could get on making the new award, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rant for the Day: ACC Player of the Year

In my opinion, Ty Lawson, hands down. (Logic: Carolina would not be anywhere without Ty Lawson. Bobby Frasor and Larry Drew at point give me flashbacks to 8-20 season with Adam Boone...::shivers:: While I don't think we could win a national championship without Tyler Hansbrough, I have more faith in the Ed Davis/Deon Thompson/even Tyler Zeller combo, than the Frasor/Drew combo) BUT, with that said, I think it's ridiculous that many people aren't even considering Tyler. What in the world?? Since when does a player who will soon lead the ACC in ALL TIME scoring (and who already leads the NCAA in career free throws made) not deserve some consideration??

Following the same logic, Ty means more to Carolina than Gerald Henderson to Duke. End of story.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Best Day

Yesterday was the best day from start to finish. It was the kind of day that's fairly uneventful, but even as its occurring you know its a good day. I love those days. Yesterday was that kind of day. Yesterday was the kind of day you want to store away in a little box somewhere so that when you're feeling low you can pull it out and get instant reassurance that everything will be alright. :)

I started the morning with one of my favorite people in the world. Being game day, we both refused to speak to each other, which I love. He's a Duke fan and I'm a Carolina fan. We are both a little obsessed with our teams. I swear we could be one of those commercials on ESPN about the rivals. So we refused to speak to each other and left my apartment with the words "May the best team win..." (And it did, by the way).

I then headed to my dad's where my brother was writing a report on Teddy Roosevelt. I tried to help him with his closing sentence. It was supposed to begin, "Teddy Roosevelt was a Great American because..." My suggestion: "Teddy Roosevelt was a great American because he set precedents in the United States that are still in tact today." Apparently that's not the kind of thing they are looking for in first grade because my brother laughed hysterically at that.

After my dad helped me with my taxes, we headed to Chapel Hill. I swear I start smiling as soon as I get in that town. I will live there again one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. We wanted to go to Azure for lunch, but discovered it wasn't open for lunch on weekends. We settled on Brixx where we discussed basketball and drank blue moons on a gorgeous 80 degree day. Perfection.

We then went to the Dean Dome where I saw two of my best friends from college. I was in tears before the game even started. Tyler Hansbrough was too. It was a great game and Carolina ended up winning 79-71. After the game, all the seniors spoke. Danny danced and Tyler cried. Roy choked up in the postgame interview. Those are the times I remember I will always be a "basketball girl" at heart.

Yesterday was perfect. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Year Ago...

I woke up this morning in a horrible mood. I was grumpy, tired, and concerned about the most petty of things. That is when I remembered what today was. A year ago today, Eve Carson was murdered. I lived very close to Eve and had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. I get chills thinking about this time last year. I remember reading in the DTH that there had been a murder, but that the identity of the girl was not yet known. It was a few days before anyone knew it was Eve. I remember walking through campus a few days before Spring Break of my senior year and seeing people crying and painting signs for Eve. The announcement had come about an hour earlier while I was in class. Though I didn't know Eve well, I saw her on a regular basis and had talked to her several times. Eve was taken from her home, just yards from my home.

So this morning, when I woke up and was rushing around pressed for time, (mentally) complaining about work, and trying my best to ruin something amazing because of it's lack of structure and definition, I stopped for a minute. I was running out the door ten minutes late and realized I hadn't read my devotional. That is when I remembered what today was. I immediately started crying and took a deep breath. Eve's death still angers me to this day. While I am certain that I am not nearly as smart or poised or mature as Eve, she inspires me to do the best I can with who I am. She inspires me to look at the good in everything instead of trying to pick it apart with "what-ifs." I have been crying off and on all morning and I know it will continue throughout the day. But as upsetting as the situation is, there is no place I'd rather be this afternoon than in the Pit on the most beautiful campus in the world with the Clefs singing James Taylor. I'm pretty sure Eve would like that, too. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Like Sister, Like Brother

My little brother makes me smile ridiculous amounts. When asked where he wanted to go to dinner the other night, he immediately responded, "El RO!" When he was told "no" by the parentals, he decided to try his backup..."Then how bout...Taco Bell?!" Seems his culinary tastes are very much in line with those of his big sister. When we finally went to dinner, out of the blue, he said, "So, Lindsay, tell me your top ten most embarrassing moments." (Where does he get these things?) He then proceeded to take a candid, extremely zoomed-in picture of me and said, "I'm sending that to Larry Drew. I bet that will go on your embarrassing moments list." But my favorite is when we're in the car alone listening to his Queen CD (his musical inclinations are not that of the typical seven year old). After several minutes of silence he'll say, "Lindsay?"
"Yes, sweetie pie?"
"I love you."

Those moments are the best. :)

Literary Inspiration

For those that know me, you've heard me talk incessantly (not that this is rare) about the book, "The Shack." Most books I fall in love with, I fall in love with more for the writing than for the story. Example, "The Great Gatsby". The Great Gatsby is without a doubt my favorite book of all time. Yet, I really could do without the story. Sure, there's the whole "American Dream" thing that's nice to read about, but in reality, the story is lacking. The Great Gatsby remains my favorite book, however, because of the writing. I get chills just thinking about the writing in that book. The way F. Scott Fitzgerald can make a moment stand out is unlike any other author I have ever read. I will never forget that "men and girls came and went like moths, among the whispering and the champagne and the stars." The plot itself is relatively irrelevant; people come and go from parties all the time. And that is what I believe makes the mark of a good writer - the ability to make the ordinary seem extraordinary, the mundane, magical.

I am currently on my second reading of "The Shack." It will still go down as a book that changed my life, but I find neither the plot nor the writing remarkable. "The Shack" is a book that speaks volumes, but in the most simple and peaceful way. When a book is able to have a physical effect on someone, it transcends the category of literature and ventures into the world of therapy. In my second reading of the "The Shack," I am less concerned with the plot and in turn am able to resign to the peace that this book brings. While I am normally a lover of literature for the sake of the writing, this book has proven to me that some literature serves a greater purpose.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Fix: Grey Tights

My daily winter uniform typically consists of a knit dress or a top and pencil skirt, paired with black tights and heels. I find it a frightening thought to give up dresses and skirts just because the thermometer drops below freezing ("work" pants have really never done anything for my almost non-existent backside). My black tights allow me to avoid the (gloomy, dismal) fate of pants and wear the cute dresses and skirts I long to wear. Recently, however, my mom bought me a pair of grey tights. I decided to wear them today with my new adorable green (bargain!) dress from Target and I am LOVING the results.

The grey still goes with almost everything, yet adds an extra element of fashion that still works in the corporate world. I will be buying more pairs immediately.


I've never really wanted to write a blog or have my own website. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but when I think of blogs I think of teenage boys that weigh less than me, wear tighter jeans than me, and listen to the White Stripes while they "blog" about the materialism of America or trees getting cut down or their vegan diets. None of those things describe me. Yet, I have succumbed to the world of "blog-dom" in an effort to advance my career. Recently one of my role models in the writing/public relations world pointed out to me that I have toyed with almost every aspect of writing (magazine, newspaper, sports website, etc)...almost every aspect except blogging, which is apparently pretty big in these technology savvy times. So here I am... a twenty something recent graduate working an administrative job until I get my "big break" in the writing world. I am admittedly more interested in Christian Louboutin shoes than the "problem" of materialism, I typically go through more than two notebook's worth of paper in journals a month, and I could eat a filet mignon topped with a nice pinot noir reduction every night. But here I am in the blog world in an attempt to live my dreams.... here goes....