Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's baaaack

Basketball season that is. This the best time of the year - when basketball season and football season overlap and I get to spend every free moment in the southern part of heaven referred to by the commoners as Chapel Hill, NC.

But back to basketball.

We're 2-0 so far with wins over FIU and Central -- hardly powerhouses-- but a good start. We are ranked #4 in the country, a ranking many believe to be a bit high.

We are young and inexperienced and I've seen things that have made me cringe. But the things that we've done right... boy, have we done right.

The game against FIU was a bit shaky complete with 26 Tarheel turnovers (though, I must add, LD had six assists and only 2 TOs). The Central game looked like a different team. We still had our freshman moments, but we dominated overall and I saw flashes of a defense that won us the National Championship last year.

Quick scouting report before we get any further into the season:

Starting five
1. Larry Drew: LD2 is actually looking better than I expected. He has huge shoes (think Shaq size shoes) to fill with Ty gone, but he is looking a lot more steady this year. His defense looks solid, he's hitting the open man, and he's even knocked down a couple threes.

2. Will Graves: Will is looking a little chunky after not playing last season. He is very much the unknown factor right now.

3. Marcus Ginyard: This team would be nowhere without MG. He's in the best shape ever, he's defending well as always, his field goal percentage is up, and he's a vocal leader that will help mold the younger kids. He had 17 against Central.

4. Ed Davis: Ed is a beast, as always. That kid could play in the NBA today if he wanted. His rebounding and post moves will win many games for us.

5. Deon Thompson: Quiet killer. I always look up and Deon has 20 points when I think he has had 5. Another leader for this team.

Key Reserves:

-The Wear Twins: I'm not going to differentiate them yet, because honestly I can't tell who is who and who plays like what. (Side note: Daddy has decided we're calling them "Davis," a mix between David and Travis. When I asked him why we couldn't just call them the Wear boys he responded, "Because that's too pedestrian, Lindsay.") Don't know a lot about them yet, have just seen some good old fashioned effort and hustle. Always needed.

-John Henson: In a word, ridiculous. 6'10, plays like he's 6'3, blocks like he's 7'5...

-Dexter Strickland: Very athletic with lots of skill. Sometimes has trouble settling down into the offense. I would like to see him play some 2 alongside LD.

-Tyler Zeller: Looking better than ever. His work on the boards against Central was awe-inspiring.

-Leslie MacDonald: I haven't gotten much of a sense for Leslie, yet. I've seen him play some good d, but not much beyond that.

-Justin Watts: His role has definitely changed since last season -- at least in the early games. He's showing an improved shot and impressive athleticism.

Now time to savor the best time of the year. Go Heels!

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