Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Y'all. I have to tell you about my dream last night. I woke up dying laughing.

I had a dream that I invented this really pretty zip-up hoodie that all brides and bridesmaids would wear to get ready for weddings. That way, they could just unzip them and not mess up their pretty hair and makeup. They were really customizable (apparently not a word), included a monogram and I named them...wait for it...hoodierats.

Get it? Like hoodrats?

I seriously crack myself up.

In other news, I met friends last night for a drink (maybe that explains the weird dream?) at the Station, a brand new bar/restaurant in Raleigh. I liked it! I think it will be even more fun when the weather is warm because there is an awesome patio.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Hug your love ones extra tight.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In completely non-important news you don't care about today - I figured out how to turn up the temperature on my hot water heater after a year of not-hot-enough showers. LIFE CHANGING.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Running Bug

I have been bitten by the running bug again. I never stopped running, but I've been doing just 2 miles and a walk/run weekly. Last night Mom and I had our first run post-DST and it was amazing. We were both dreading it because the darkness means we have to leave our super flat greenway for the more hilly roads since the greenway has no lights, but it turned out to be awesome! It was a great 3 mile run and we both felt like we could go further.

I know it's just one run, but I can feel the difference in my head/heart. You runners know what I'm talking about? My heart is happy to return to the world of compression socks and uber hydration.

On that note, my running shoes are just about dunzo. Advice on what to get next? I'm thinking about making the Mizuno move - is it worth it?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


  • I FINALLY turned my heat on this morning. Super low, but it still hurt my frugal heart. I'd so much rather buy people lavish Christmas presents, but I couldn't take it this morning. 
  • That being said, I think it's going to be 70 tomorrow. Oh North Carolina, I love you.
  • A certain boy that I know (cough MG cough) just sent me a text to tell me he added Case Keenum to his fantasy team (former backup to TJ Yates, now Texans starter). Fighting words.
  • Can y'all believe Thanksgiving is only three weeks away? It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to make it down to SC with my mom's family which is a major bummer. Drinking honeysuckle vodka at the Windjammer with my mom and my Uncle Sammy is sort of my favorite activity ever. Looking forward to a low-key Raleigh Thanksgiving though. And the food. Obviously the food.
  • As y'all know, my faith is hugely insanely important and vital to me. I rely on God for "the peace that passeth understanding" in times of stress. Lately though, while my mind and my heart totally register that and completely know that God will handle my stress for me (and know how incredibly blessed I am), my body isn't registering. It's sitting there on Sunday nights unable to sleep with a racing heartbeat. What the heck body? Calm down. God has this - the rest of this being called Lindsay seems to know that, so get on board. (Suggestions, advice, anything is much welcome)
  • Halloween was the best. Mom and I sat out on the porch and handed out candy while drinking wine and chatting. No matter where I go (ok, I know I only live .9 miles away from her), that place is my home. Particularly the bathtub. I know that's really, really weird, but until I left for college I only took ridiculously hot, bubbly baths every night and I make sure to do that whenever I'm home. 
  • Green tea is the I don't know how all you coffee drinkers do it. 
  • Anyone ever done a (short) juice cleanse? We have new(ish) juice company here in Raleigh called Humdinger and I've really considered trying them out, but we all know homegirl loves to eat. 
  • Ok. I think that's good for now. Happy November - the awesome time when football and basketball season overlap and I basically live in Chapel Hill. Perfect. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Remember me?

Hey y'all! How has everyone been? Here are some random thoughts for your Monday.

  • I like October. I know I'm a summer baby, but legit fall weather is nice.
  • The fair will be here soon!! I lovelovelove the fair. Mostly people watching. I'm not a huge ride-rider. Although I love the Himalaya and all the Himalaya type rides. I know those are really for 10 year olds, but I'm a baby. I'm hoping MG will be here for some of the fair. He's not a huge fair fan, but he goes to make my heart happy. We've been to the fair together 10 years in a row now. Gah, we are old.
  • This weekend I met Patrick Dempsey. NBD.
  • Actually, it was a BD and it was awesome. He is very normal and kind. He came up to me and said, "I don't think we've met yet" and stuck out his hand to shake mine. Swoon.
  • Yesterday my mom and I ate nachos and Goodberry's. It was delicious. She is the best. 
  • I don't think I've mentioned it, but I am on a house hunt. I actually put an offer on one, only for the guy to go MIA and decide he didn't want to sell. Womp, womp. It was depressing. I really want to find something!
  • I meal planned this week, so there's that.
  • Oh and TJ actually played last night. But only because the Texans were getting killed. Mehhh.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My mom sent this to me today and I love it.

Only as we know what it is to cherish love when sore at some unkindness, to overmaster ourselves when under provocation, to preserve gentleness during trail and unmerited wrong---only then can we know in any degree the “manner of spirit” that was in Christ.
I know. Awful blogger. And unfortunately, I'm not sure that is going to change any time soon. But, in the meantime, here are a few thoughts.

  1. Carolina lost to South Carolina (Columbia is the hottest city alive), but we had a great time.
  2. Carolina beat Middle Tennessee State at home on Saturday. We had an awesome tailgate.
  3. I've been really stressed about some things lately and the blessing of stress is that it reminds me - I have the most incredible people in my life. ever. And the most incredible God on my side. ever. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Countdown: 9 Days!

Y'all. It's nine days until football season. Nine days until Carolina's Thursday night opener on the road at South Carolina.  This is legit.

I'm taking Thursday and Friday off work next week to make the trek down to Columbia with my dad. I can't wait. South Carolina is pre-season number 7. We're like 35. I've got faith, though!

In the meantime, I'm planning tailgate recipes and debating a new football outfit. Send any recommendations for either my way!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

"I wish I had done everything on earth with you." -F Scott Fitzgerald, the Great Gatsby.

Be still my Fitzgerald lovin' heart.


Remember me? My guess is no. I've been so incredibly MIA lately. I started a new job in the middle of July, so I have been really diving in and learning the ropes here. (Note on that: leaving RRC was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I cried like a baby in Rick's offices, but it was a decision that I had to make for my career and personal growth. One of those times that sometimes you need to do the thing that scares you, you know?)

Other than that, life has been normal and great. I'm really making a conscious effort to enjoy every minute of this life, not just count down until the weekends. Part of that time includes scheduling time with my favorite people - lunches, after work, weekends, etc. Last Monday I got to hang out with two of my favorite girls from Bailey's. We had wine at Vivace and caught up on life. So much fun. I forget how good those two are for my soul. On Wednesday, three of my best friends took me out for an early birthday dinner. We had a blast. I am so so blessed.

Thursday I had my first big media event for work. It went really well! And Friday was my birthday! I arrived to a plant, balloon and Chik-fil-a on my desk and later we had cookie cake! I have some great co-workers! I worked until 1:30 (we have summer hours at my new job!) and then went with mom for a mexican lunch, pedicure, cake and presents. She spoils me soo much! She is the greatest mom ever.

MG and Hobbes came into town for my birthday and that night MG and I headed to the new beer shop/bar in Five Points. So much fun! We then met Emily at Mellow Mushroom and then all had a sleepover at my house because the next day we headed to the lake bright and early. My dad, Lisa and Nicholas were waiting on us and we had an incredible day of relaxing on the relaxation station (y'all's favorite thing ever!!), beer and sunshine. My brother even played a concert for us! On Sunday we went out on the boat and I (sort of) got up on the real skis. I've been using little kids training skis up to this point - the skis are tied together so your legs stay in a straight line.

Things have been great and I promise to be a better blogger now. Also, I'll update with pictures later, but wanted to get something out to you guys while I had a second!

What's been new in your worlds??

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I know. I haven't written in a month and I have ten thousand and twelve things to update you on, but in the meantime I am once again loving the beauty and TRUTH of these words from Mrs. Fountain, my sweet friend Mary Norris' mom.

It's a choice--a daily, hourly choice to rejoice--and rejoice always--rather than fret and complain. And a choice to pray and praise--about everything-- rather than wring our hands in worry. Turn those problems, moment-by-moment, into petitions--with thanksgiving--and then enjoy the supernatural peace that the Father longs for us to have. And peace is defined as the calm assurance that God is in complete control and that whatever He is doing is best.

Monday, July 1, 2013


“Great people do things before they’re ready. They do things before they know they can do it. And by doing it, they’re proven right. Because, I think there’s something inside of you—and inside of all of us—when we see something and we think, ‘I think I can do it, I think I can do it. But I’m afraid to.’ Bridging that gap, doing what you’re afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that—THAT is what life is. And I think you might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that’s special. And if you’re not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself. Now you know. A mystery is solved. So, I think you should just give it a try. Just inch yourself out of that back line. Step into life. Courage. Risks. Yes. Go. Now.”


“Great people do things before they’re ready. They do things before they know they can do it. And by doing it, they’re proven right. Because, I think there’s something inside of you—and inside of all of us—when we see something and we think, ‘I think I can do it, I think I can do it. But I’m afraid to.’ Bridging that gap, doing what you’re afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that—THAT is what life is. And I think you might be really good. You might find out something about yourself that’s special. And if you’re not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself. Now you know. A mystery is solved. So, I think you should just give it a try. Just inch yourself out of that back line. Step into life. Courage. Risks. Yes. Go. Now.”

Friday, June 21, 2013

My New Go To Breakfast

I have discovered my new favorite breakfast ever and have had it almost every day this week. It's so simple!

In a blender, combine:

1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 banana
1 cup lowfat chocolate milk (I just make my own with reduced fat milk and Quik, it would work well with premade or almond milk, too!)
1 cup ice

Blend until smooth.

Y'all. Seriously. This tastes like a Reeses Cup milkshake. It has surprising staying power because of the protein in  the peanut butter and the milk. Try it!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

photo 435 Hire Me! Online Nutrition Coaching

Such a good reminder that fear doesn't always mean the presence of something bad - it can mean the start of something amazing!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Week Refocus

Hi there, friends! I've been sort of missing in action lately, but I'm sure many of you have, too. It's summer, after all.

The past three weeks have been busy busy, but beautiful. Memorial Day weekend was spent down at our lake house and included a killer concert at the winery. Shagging to beach music favorites, eating cheese and crackers and sipping some of my favorite Rosemont wine - that's hard to beat.

The next weekend mom and I headed to South Carolina for my sweet cousin Emmy's high school graduation. We took off an extra couple of days to enjoy my aunt's lake house near Clemson. We all cut up the entire time and had a blast.

This past weekend I headed down to Charlotte/Lake Norman for more sunshine with friends. Friday included a night out on the town and Saturday and Sunday were spent playing/lounging.

I've been really busy at work, which is always a blessing, but doesn't make for any extra time. All of that combined has left a few things neglected. Namely my house, my health, my savings and my soul. Not in a bad way - all of these events and outings have been fun and exactly what summer should be about - but with nothing scheduled the next two weekends I've decided it's time to do a little "Two Week Refocus."

Time to focus on my house - it's in need of a good deep cleaning and there are several projects I want to complete.

Time to focus on my diet - lots of protein and produce while cutting back on sugar, white carbs (starches) and alcohol.

Time to amp up my workouts - these have been sorely lacking.

Time to give my bank account a break - eating at home, less gas money, less going out.

And most importantly, time to refresh and renew my soul. Time to talk to God, journal and reflect.

Hope you all are having an equally busy and wonderful start to summer!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just like spring was late arriving this year, I think the April showers were too. It's June and it won't stop raining. Flash floods, mud and dreariness everywhere. I want sunshine!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things I don't know how I lived without...

Warning, this is (mostly) a super materialistic post.

You know those products in your life that you just lovelovelove and you don't know how you survived before you discovered them? Here's a list of some of mine.
  1. Tervis Tumber. Seriously, I guzzle water out of this thing all day long at work. The big size, lid and straw are crucial.
  2. Chia seeds. This one took me a while because I thought they were super hippy dippy and I, for a long time, sought to avoid all things mildly hippy dippy. But these things changed my life. They thicken up dressings and overnight oats (see below) and make my stomach super happy.
  3. Overnight oats. For real, y'all. How did I live without these? Filling, super customizable, delicious and the perfect vehicle for previously mentioned chia seeds.
  4. La croix. Love this water!!
  5. My garmin. I feel naked on runs without it. And while I think it's a good idea to run without it occasionally, most of the time I like that it's a peer pressurer, taunting me to run faster.
  6. A sleep mask. How do you people without one sleep any later than 6 a.m.?
  7. Trader Joe's Vinas Chilenas Sauvignon Blanc. I honestly debated including this because I didn't want you all to know the best $3.99 secret out there and buy all the bottles before I get there, but I love y'all and want you to experience the happiness that is (decent) cheap wine.
  8. Morning devotionals/His word. When I stray from God or don't take time to reflect, praise, ask, and give thanks, I am a big ball of anxious. For me, it's simple. He=peace.
I'll make this an ongoing list as I'm sure I'll come across something else in five minutes "I absolutely cannot live without!" What are your must have things/products that you can't imagine your life without??
Obsessed with this.

(Now that proper credit is given, for those of you who are lazy - like moi - here it is:)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Relaxation Station

Since you guys seem to love this thing so much (by far the most searched term to get to my blog)... I can't  wait to be here this weekend.

I was supposed to get up there for Easter, but my pink eyes (yes, eyeS!) had different plans. But this weekend nothing will stop me. Family, sunshine, rest, food and wine await me. It's been too long Gaston. See you Friday!

(Also, in regards to missing places ridiculous amounts, I haven't been to Chapel Hill since the Duke game and I'm pretty sure my soul isn't complete. Dramatic? Yes.)


My heart is in Oklahoma today. It seems like this year has been full of loss for our country - some intentional (Newtown shootings, Boston bombings) and some unintentional (Texas explosion, Oklahoma tornadoes).

The older I get, the more bone-chilling these things become. When I was a kid, I'm sure awful things happened, but I don't remember too many of them. I remember the ones that affected me personally, but not much else. And that's how it should be. It's not selfish or uncaring. Kids should be blissfully ignorant.

But now my heart hurts for so much pain in our country (and in the world - and for the fact that much of our country is ignorant to the pain happening in the rest of the world, but I digress). Every day my family and friends mean more to me. And while I'm not close to being ready to have kids, I know that I want them someday and I can't imagine the thought of losing a child, or anyone really, to something like this.

Praying, praying, praying for everyone in this world hurting to feel God's love and some small amount of peace and light in the midst of darkness. Everyone hug your families tonight. Cherish each moment. Wake up and be thankful for this amazing world we live in and every second of time we are given in it.

Monday, May 13, 2013

This weekend was for...

  • seeing Gatsby Friday night (I actually really really liked it. As a LOVER of the book, I was not expecting that.)
  • Sleeping in Saturday and going to visit Po with Mom. We gave her some Bedhead Pajamas that she loved! Then Mom and I went to the Mill for lunch and did a little shopping.
  • Saturday night I went to Draft House to catch up with Val (my good friend Chris' mom) and later Lauren, Marcus and Hobbes joined us. 
  • Sunday was for Mother's Day with my mom! She loved the vase I got her from Eclectic Garden (love that store) and we chowed down on nachos and mozzarella sticks (my mom eats poorly two days a year - her birthday and Mother's Day). We ended our time together with a Lowe's trip before enjoying some time in the sun.
  • Sunday afternoon Emily came over and we enjoyed some porch sitting on a beautiful day and discussed plans for her birthday this weekend. Porch sitting is sort of my favorite thing ever.
A wonderful, beautiful weekend. And this week is supposed to be nice weather-wise. So blessed!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blessed, Grateful, Thankful - All of the Above

The sun is finally out again in Raleigh! It has seriously been about 2 weeks since it's been out for more than an hour or two. My heart and soul are full of joy and I'm just in one of those moods. One of those moods where I am so freaking thankful for the people in my life. I don't know what I did to make God bless me with  these incredible people (the answer is nothing; God is generous and loving  and so so good no matter what we do), but I am in awe.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good News!

So much of the news presented by the media these days is bad. And of course, they have to report on the band things that happen, but I'd love to see a little more happiness sprinkled in my news cast.

That's why this made me smile ridiculous amounts this morning. And reminded me of one thing: hope never dies. 

So glad those girls are safe. What a blessing!

(P.S. Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who initially heard the screams and helped free Amanda Berry, is not only truly a hero, but is truly hysterical. If you want to be grateful and laugh incessantly at the same time, check out this.) 

Happy thankful Tuesday, y'all!

Monday, May 6, 2013

This weekend...

  • Lazy Friday night in catching up on DVR
  • Going to visit Po
  • Mother's Day shopping
  • (Bad) run around the neighborhood
  • Mimosas and the derby with Em and La
  • Cinco celebratin' at Cantina 18 before a movie night with Em (best.sangria.ever)
  • Costco trip
  • Another meal at Cantina with Mom (I really like that place and we wanted to celebrate Cinco some more)
  • Shopping with Mom
  • Sunday laundry/cooking prep
  • Inheriting some furniture from Mom post re-decorating
In other words, an amazing weekend.

And this week Gatsby comes out. I know I'm going to be disappointed, but it's my favorite book ever. Ever. Ever. I really want to buy a certain Sue Wong dress and beaded headband to wear to the premiere. This is my version of what Harry Potter is to the rest of y'all weirdos. 20s glamour v. dorky teenage wizard? I win. 

(Okay, okay. Don't yell at me. Some of the people I love the most are obsessed with Harry Potter. I just don't get it. And I may or may not have fallen asleep and snored at the midnight premiere of one of the HP movies in college. Don't drag me to a movie I don't want to see - especially at midnight. Just sayin'. Jeez louise digression much?)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Two Biggest Pet Peeves

I don't really have a lot of pet peeves, but I've come across two recently and thought I'd share.

1. Tar Heels as one word. Tar Heel(s) is two words. End of discussion.

2. Punctuation outside of quotation marks. UGHH. I think everyone and his brother/mother/sister/cousin does this. Punctuation goes inside quotation marks.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Healthy Living - It's more than numbers.

April 2009

April 2013

I was just looking back at an old post from 2012, when I first ran the Run for Our Heroes. I was just starting to get into a healthy lifestyle, but had a long ways to go. I didn't crave running like I do today. I didn't watch what I eat as much (Although, I really don't watch what I eat... I just use common sense, balance and portion control. I also just ate two chocolates...)

I've never been overweight if you just look at the number on the scale, but jeez louise, look at those two pictures. Four years older, probably only ten pounds lighter, but the difference is insane. I'm so grateful for running, pilates, yoga and this lifestyle I have found!

Run for our Heroes

Happy Monday, kiddos! How was your weekend?

On Saturday, I participated in the "Run for our Heroes," a 5k downtown to honor Raleigh's fallen police officers. It's one of my favorite 5ks and this is the third year I've done it. 

This year I was lucky enough to have my friend Emily run it with me! She hasn't been running and managed to run the entire time without walking! She finished in just under 36 minutes and I'm so proud of her. I know there is no way I could run an entire 5k without having some sort of running base. She is a rock star!

And... I PRed! Y'all know I am super super slow so this time will not impress anyone but me - I finished in 30:39 (an average pace of 9:51 - whoa!!) I'm actually claiming a few seconds faster because I could not get out of the crowd to start. (Maybe I would have gotten sub-30?) I kept looking at my Garmin and getting frustrated when it showed a 14:00 pace. Disperse, crowd! Homegirl is trying to PR!

I definitely pushed myself, but I'm so glad I did.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take me back.

Just received the most depressing email ever.

Dear Lindsay,

At the five year anniversary of receiving your bachelor's degree from Carolina, we are very interested in your reflections and feedback about how well the University prepared you for your career, graduate education, and other pursuits.  Your participation in a brief survey will give us valuable information that we will use to continue to enhance the undergraduate experience at Carolina.

I want to respond with, "You didn't prepare me for the lack of sunny days spent lounging in the quad or inform me of the fact that on the first nice day of spring you can't just blow off everything and go to Bob's or tell me that I'd actually MISS sitting in class." TAKE ME BACK.

Monday, April 22, 2013

On Getting Stuck in a Rut

Let me start this with a disclaimer. I'm totally in love with my life. I am lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing people. I love my  job. I love my little neighborhood and my little house. I love Raleigh. I am beyond blessed.

That being said, everyone can get into a rut. Each day can seem sort of the same and while the same might not be bad (or pretty darn good, actually), sometimes it's nice to change things up. As a girl who loves (craves, needs) routine, changing things up isn't usually in my vocabulary.

Today's Monday Meditation from Live Simply by Annie got me thinking about the little things I can do to shake things up. The things that don't break the bank and don't make this routine-oriented girl step too far out of her comfort zone (a little bit is okay). Here are some of my initial thoughts.
  • Make a new dish
  • Buy flowers 
  • Plant a garden
  • Volunteer
  • Think of something kind to do for every person I care about
  • Find a new running route (maybe a trail?)
  • Train for something
  • Take a day trip
What do y'all do when you feel like you're in a rut? I wanna know!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Lately...

Cake from my Uncle Sammy's 60th!

With my cousins, Emmy and Jack

With Jack 

Mom and me. I love this.

The birthday boy. Check out that tshirt!

AMAZING baked chiles relleno egg dish with chorizo. Took some work to roast and peel the poblanos, but

Green smoothie

Hobbesy! Look how big he's getting. Love him to pieces.

Dead Garmin. I will run a 5K in less than 30, I will, I will.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers, prayers, prayers for Boston.

Need some perspective?

Read this. But grab the tissues first.

(Sappy post read editor's note: Lots of love and hugs to everyone who reads this and everyone who doesn't. You all make my world go round and I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Speed work

Last night the plan was for me to complete my first tempo run. A tempo run usually includes a warm up at your normal pace, a middle period of running at a harder (but not sprinting) pace than your normal and a cool down. A good guide is to make your tempo pace about 30 to 40 seconds faster than your normal pace - it should be hard, but not a serious struggle.

Anyway, my Garmin wasn't charged (seriously, how did I live before that thing) so that made tracking my pace pretty hard. I know the exact distance of one quick route by my house - it's 1.2 miles. I decided to just run that at a harder than normal pace and time it with the stopwatch on my iPod.

When I got home, I checked the stopwatch and I clocked in at an 10:24, which is about an 8.5 minute mile. You have to understand, my normal pace is slowww. Like a 10.5 minute mile or slower. I was so proud of myself, I almost cried! (For what it's worth, an 8.5 minute mile is probably more like a sprint for me than a tempo run. A tempo run for me would be 10 minute miles or a little under)

Also, for the record, it was insanely hard. Way harder than running 3 + miles at my normal pace. I was out of breath and felt my legs use different muscles than they normally use.

I'm so glad I tried something different and surprised myself. I plan to incorporate more speed work in the future!

Do you incorporate any sort of speed work in to your running? 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's the Little Things

Homemade butterscotch chip cookie dough (more dough was had than cookies were baked)

A fat stack of my favorite simple pleasure

This being a "day at the office"

The fact that after a weekend full of pink eye (and therefore missing out on Easter celebrations with family) my last day off was a sunny one where I could lay out

Maybe I should have put that sunscreen somewhere other than just my face huh? 

The fact that our coach says "smh"

this text from my cousin in which an app told him he looks like Beyonce Knowles

my car hitting 78k! Here's to 78k more!

Cake batter froyo with...

this little (actually, big!) guy

the fact that the cashier spelled my name right without asking. I almost hugged her.


Disclaimer: I meant to post this last week, but lost it in my drafts! Po's surgery went well and she is currently in rehab.

Y'all remember me mentioning Po on here once or twice, right? Po is my grandmother (dad's mom) and she is ridiculously awesome. Here she is:

Po is super stylish, loves "to party" with a vodka martini  (her words, not mine) and has a pretty awesome southern accent. Po is actually who taught me how to play drinking badminton, but I digress. 

Yesterday after a physical therapy session, Po fell and broke her leg. She is scheduled to have surgery today. This post isn't for sympathy (but prayers are always appreciated), but to tell you how I found her when I got to the emergency room.

Po was obviously in a ton of pain, which broke my heart, but she had on some fierce hot pink lipstick, her hair had been done that morning (she goes every Thursday) and next to her bed was a monogram red clutch with tortoise shell wristlet that I am supremely jealous of in a serious way. Po knows style.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Over the Place Run

Last night I went on a quick two mile run (I know, I didn't follow my schedule, but it all evens out). I was seriously debating it because the weather was iffy, but I have this weird phobia that if I wait too long between runs I will lose all of my conditioning and won't be able to run a quarter mile. It had been six days since my last run, so I threw on my tights and Carolina sweatshirt (ALWAYS a proud Tar Heel despite Sunday's loss) and headed out down Whitaker Mill.

The run itself was a good one, but my pace was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Seriously. I could not settle in at a normal steady pace. At one point, I looked down at my Garmin and it was at a 13:00 pace! 13:00?!? Was I walking?! And I didn't even feel like I was going slow. A few minutes later I looked down and I was at a 7:10 pace! 7:10?! For me that is unheard of, seriously.

It all evened out to about 10:00 miles, but what a weird run!

Monday, March 25, 2013


This week's workout plan (roughly):
Monday: pilates, weights
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: pilates, weights
Thursday: rest
Friday: run (hills at the lake, yikes)
Saturday: run (hills at the lake, yikes)
Sunday: rest


... so incredibly blessed on this dreary Monday morning. Make it a great week, y'all.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Catch-Up Sesh

Let's do a photo catch-up sesh, shall we? Things have been crazy busy in the most awesome way with work, social, working out, everything. Here's a brief review of some of it. I'll be back soon to chat more.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Things I Wish I Knew About Running Before I Started Running

...from someone who still probably shouldn't call herself a runner and runs slower than Christmas and is only in the 5K range...
  • Pace matters. You may think the difference between an 11 min/mile and a 10 min/mile is nothing (I told you, we're talking really slow here), but it is something. In order to increase your distance, you're going to have to run slow. Like way slower than you want. Like "Oh hey, is that someone in a walker passing me right there?" slow. 
  • Faster runs are good too. Just don't get frustrated when you end up burning out pretty quickly. It's all part of the process. Fast runs, at least initially, equal short runs.
  • Running is so, so, so, so, so mental. In good ways in bad. Mental in that you have to go on a run when you're stressed and you come back feeling a thousand times lighter and mental in that you don't think you can make it five more feet without your legs falling off or your lungs catching on fire, but you press on. 
  • You are not going to come back from every run happy. Sorry to burst that bubble. It's true I've never regretted a run. My theory is even five minutes of running is better than sitting on the couch. But, I definitely have not come back from every run happy. Bad runs ARE REALLY BAD. Maybe y'all are stronger than me, but as you've read, I tend to have breakdowns in the middle/after a bad run and question what's wrong with me. Hopefully y'all won't do that, but don't expect every run to be amazing. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer here.
  • On the plus side, good runs ARE REALLY GOOD. Runner's high is a real thing.
  • As far as temperatures go, I'm a baby. My minimum is mid-40s. I'm always freezing when I go out there, but as soon as I run one minute I warm up. Also, runs when it is really hot are miserable.
  • Sunset is a really cool time to run. I'm sure sunrise is too, but this girl doesn't see that unless it involves prepping for a tailgate (priorities, people!). Last night, I set out on a run without a real route in mind. I ended up seeing the sunset on the skyline of Raleigh. Really cool and distracted me for a few minutes.
  • Running is never easy. Well, I'm sure it is for some people, but if you're like me, it's not. Even short runs are hard for me. Some are easier than others, but I have never come back from any run of any distance and said, "Wooo, that was a piece of cake, I wish it could have been harder."
  • It's worth it. As hard as it is and as mentally challenging as it can be, it's so worth it. It's also addicting. I run a short run even when I don't want to for fear of losing the little base I've built up. (Maybe that's also my OCD, control everything personality. Not sure.)
Sorry for the random post today, but I feel like so many running posts come from people who run marathons on the reg and who laugh in the face of a 5k. If that's you, you are SO AWESOME and should probably find another blog to read because I don't think that will ever be me and obviously, I should be learning from you, not vice versa. For the rest of you who are just getting into running or don't regularly run a batrillion miles a day, maybe these can be helpful. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Running Plateau

Have any of you runners out there ever hit a running plateau? I've been running 2-3 times a week 2-3 miles a time for a few months now and it does not seem to be getting any easier. In fact, some days it feels harder than before. I don't know if this is a nutrition thing, a mental roadblock or something else. Advice?!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Photo Catch Up

Best.Valentine's.Present.Ever. I know this seems so random to most of you, but there is a smushy story behind it that will make you say "Aww" and made me cry tears of joy. 

This picture brings me so much joy. Two huge parts of my heart so incredibly happy. 

Another part of my heart. Love you, La!

Me nervous about driving in the snow to the Carolina game with Dad. (I'm a baby when it comes to snow).

My Tigers almost pulled it out. 

What I saw when I woke up this morning. Seriously??

Grateful for His word today. Needed this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Game Day!

Tonight, Carolina plays Duke at Duke. It's always a tough game, but this is definitely not our best season. Regardless, I'm keeping the faith and hoping for a huge upset.

God bless Franklin Street.
God bless the quad on a sunny day.
God bless Lucy's (may she rest in peace).
God bless lazy afternoons.
God bless the Dean Dome.
God bless Kenan Stadium.
God bless the town that owns my heart.
God bless them Tar Heel boys.

Let's do this, Heels!!

(As for my plans, I thought I'd be as stereotypical as possible. Emily is coming over and we are going to have a wine and cheese party. And by party I mean we are going to drink wine and eat cheese in our pajamas while we cheer our hearts out. I know many people hate the 'wine and cheese' label, but I embrace it. I love wine and cheese.)