Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's the Little Things

Homemade butterscotch chip cookie dough (more dough was had than cookies were baked)

A fat stack of my favorite simple pleasure

This being a "day at the office"

The fact that after a weekend full of pink eye (and therefore missing out on Easter celebrations with family) my last day off was a sunny one where I could lay out

Maybe I should have put that sunscreen somewhere other than just my face huh? 

The fact that our coach says "smh"

this text from my cousin in which an app told him he looks like Beyonce Knowles

my car hitting 78k! Here's to 78k more!

Cake batter froyo with...

this little (actually, big!) guy

the fact that the cashier spelled my name right without asking. I almost hugged her.

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