Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Review


Saturday night Dook lost to Va. Tech in Blacksburg. It was a very close game, but one that you had the sense Va.Tech wanted it just that much more. Duke now has two ACC losses (the same as us), so we are tied for first in the conference.

The bball boys beat Maryland at home last night by 11 points. It was a very fast paced game. Henson had 15 rebounds and both Z and Harrison had over 20.

We play Wednesday at Florida State and Duke plays Clemson at home this week.

Which means... if we both win... we are playing for Regular Season Conference Champs when we play each other Saturday. How epic would that be!? But first we have to get past a 3rd place FSU team at home - no easy task.

Go Heels!

Friday, February 25, 2011

State and Carolina are, well, really different

Happy Friday, loves! I hope you all have something marvelous in store for the weekend or maybe a whole lot of nothing (which is pretty dang marvelous in itself). I think my weekend will be pretty low key with a trip to a new brewery tonight and a cookout at home tomorrow.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me update you on the Carolina vs. State game. As you'll recall, I had courtside seats. My client ended up sitting somewhere else and giving me an extra ticket, so I took my daddy. We had the best time. Here is how close we were (and this is from my horrible-picture-taking Blackberry):

Y'all, I could see every elbow thrown, smell every drop of sweat and hear every bad word said. It was AWESOME. One time, Harrison went flying and I almost caught him. Good thing I didn't because I probably wouldn't have given him back. Play on boys, Harrison will be over here with me. Roy, calm down! You need to give the bench players more experience. Harrison will be fine over here.

We ended up winning by 12. It was an extremely ugly and physical game. Not a pretty win, but a good, solid road win for us. I wish I could have those seats in the Dean Dome. Sigh.

Anyway, while I was at State, I noticed some glaring differences between State fans and Carolina fans. Take this with a grain of salt, if you want, as I'm a life long Carolina fan, but my mama taught me not to lie.

1) State fans are mean. I've experienced their meanness at football tailgates, so I wasn't entirely shocked, but I anticipated they would be a little more apathetic to their less-than-mediocre basketball team. Boy, was I wrong. I heard the f-word more in a two hour time span at the RBC Center than I've heard in the past five years of my life. For real.

2) State fans don't make sense. I think this goes along with the #1 - I think they say strange things to be mean regardless of if they want to make sense. Here are two classic examples.
    a.) Every time Zeller touched the ball, one State fan felt the need to yell "America!" When one of his fellow State cohorts finally asked him what this "America" was in reference to, State fan #1 responded, "Because Zeller's from a foreign country." Right.
    b.) At the end of the game, when we were up eleven, I heard this. "That's pure class right there. Look at Carolina. That's pure class playing defense when you're up 11." Last time I checked, you aren't really supposed to just stop playing defense. Not to mention, State was fouling. If it's close enough for you to foul, it's close enough for us to play defense.

3) State fans don't like to wear pretty clothes to games. Now, don't get me wrong, I have some very close State friends who are very fashionable. But even these pretty, fashionable girls wear t-shirts to games. I can't remember the last time I wore a t-shirt to a game. As you know, I'm a big believer in the football dress, but I usually tune it down for basketball with a crisp, Carolina blue button down and dark-wash jeans. I guess t-shirts aren't bad, I'm just not used to that.

I left the RBC Center prouder than ever to be a Carolina fan. I'm sure some State fans would argue they are more hardcore about sports with their t-shirts, bad words and shotgunning abilities, but I'll take a football dress (or even a button down for goodness sakes), quiet cheering and wine and cheese any day of the week. Go Heels!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

(Close to) Monday Morning Review

Saturday the bball boys took on Boston College at home. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the ugliest game ever. The final score was 48-46. It was that ugly. Nothing really spectacular to write about it, other than to say we got the W and it was our 20th win of the season.

Tomorrow night we take on the Wolfpack in the RBC Center. One of my clients offered me a courtside seat to the game. Um, officially freaking out over here. I could reach out and touch Harrison. I can see little John Henson's precious faces a mere few feet from me. This is insane. So, so blessed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm More of A Sunshine and Solid Ground Kinda Girl

This past weekend I went to the mountains for a long weekend with some of my best friends. I'm not really a mountain girl, I've never skied in my life (save one traumatic incident when my dad took out all the kids in my lesson when I was six because he couldn't stop) and I'm not a big fan of snow (unless I'm wrapped in cashmere and sipping a hot toddy on a snow day). That being said, the idea of a long weekend with some great people sounded fabulous. So I packed up sweet Baby Civi and head to the mountains after work on Thursday.

Friday morning we hit the slopes (don't I sound like a pro now?). There were three of us who didn't have much experience, so we decided to stick together and snowboard (I've since learned snowboarding is thought of as way harder than skiing). Let me tell you, it was the hardest thing ever. First of all, the board is really heavy. For those who haven't met me, I have abnormally thin arms and legs. That snowboard weighed my legs down like crazy. To start things off you get on the ski lift. Which is terrifying. You have to jump off at exactly the right moment. The first time I went, I barely got off and the chair pushed me about five feet. After you get off the lift, you strap in and head down the mountain.

My group apparently isn't the brightest because we tried an easy level slope BEFORE we tried the bunny level. Needless to say I spent most of the time on my rear end. The times I did get going, I was so petrified that I made myself fall. I went down the slopes two times and then made myself at home at the ski lodge bar. It was so much fun, but I would definitely take a lesson next time.

Complaining about snowboarding aside, it was an amazing weekend. It reminded me how blessed I am to have this group of friends. Most of us have been close since we were in high school and I consider them all my brothers and would do anything for any one of them. This trip reminded me that no matter what happens, our group has a bond that is unbreakable. And for that I am so incredibly grateful.

It's supposed to be 78 here tomorrow! Maybe I'll head to the beach... :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Review

Wednesday night the Heels took on the Dookies in Cameron. We started off the game on fire and took a quick sixteen point lead. I was so excited, but knew better than to count my chickens at that point. Growing up around here there are some things you learn. 1) Basketball is king. 2) Eastern NC bbq dominates Western NC bbq. 3) Dook will always make a run.

I'm sure there are other things you learn, but those stick out. Anyway, me being the smart southern girl that I am did not count  my chickens and therefore did not freak out when Dook made a run. Can't say the same for my Tar Heel boys. They are young and most aren't local - I understand. They will know better next year. We ended up losing by six. Disappointing, but okay. It takes a miracle to win in Cameron and I can tell how much we've improved. I think we've got a real shot at home.

On Saturday the boys took on Clemson at Clemson. I was at the mountains (post coming soon on my first snowboarding attempt) and the tv signal kept going in and out so I'm not sure of the details. From what I did see, and from what I've read, it was sloppy and HB had a crazy dunk. We snuck out of Littlejohn with a two point victory - I'll take it.

We play Wake tomorrow night at home. Wake is the worst team in the ACC (by far), so unless something crazy happens, we should be okay.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Review

Happy Monday y'all!

The bball boys took on FSU yesterday in the Dean Dome. No one was sure what to expect after the sudden departure of Larry Drew (now officially deemed Larry Who by many Tar Heel faithful), but K-Marsh quickly relieved that uncertainty. Marshall broke a freshman record for assists with 16 while commiting only 3 turnovers.

You know all that great play Larry Drew had been praised for since coming off the bench? Those 19 assists to only four turnovers? Well, Marshall had almost the same in one outing. Wherever Larry Drew was hiding, he heard about Kendall's game.

We won by twenty points and have moved up to #20 in the rankings. We play Dook Wednesday at Cameron. I'd love to win, but I won't be too upset if we lose. Playing at Cameron is almost impossible and playing at Cameron with such young players would be an even more difficult feat. My only concern is that a loss would affect that awesome confidence we are playing with right now.

It's so nice to be enjoying Carolina basketball again. Go to Hell, Dook!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Depression, Confusion and Anxiety Ensue

Anyone that knows me even semi-well knows that I'm a huge Larry Drew fan. While the rest of Tar Heel Nation was saying he was horrible, I was singing his praises. I don't really know why I liked him. I enjoy diminutive point guards. And he just seemed so presh. And I love a good underdog. I defended LD more than anyone and was loyal like no other. That is why this is so hard for me.

Larry Drew II is leaving UNC. Mid-season. Without any good reason. It seems to be a decision driven by his father who is Head Coach of the Atlanta Hawks. He apologized for "failing to meet expectations of people in Chapel Hill" and said it was a family decision.

It appears Roy was unaware until he talked to LDI this morning and the players all said they found out via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This hurts my heart for two reasons.

1) Despite what people say, we need Larry Drew. Whether he's starting or coming off the bench, we need two point guards. We have NO backup point guard. Dex will have to play pg now and that's just a flashback to Shammond playing point, but a not as good version.

2) My feelings are hurt. I know LD doesn't know me or my love for him, but I stood by that kid like no other. I defended him to everyone. I'm sure you can go back on this blog and see.

Excuse my language, but this sucks. Especially if this decision is coming from his father (as it appears to be) and not him. And the timing is incredibly stupid. He will have to sit out a year and won't get to play any games the rest of this year.

Anddddd, I just got word that our awesome new assistant football coach Brian Baker, who has been with us for less than three weeks, has left us for the Dallas Cowboys. What a day.

Fashion Fix: Football Ring

It's no secret that I think the perfect outfit can make or break a football game. My football dress did pretty well last year and was true Carolina blue (true Carolina blue is very hard to find, but that's another post). Anyway, I'm always looking for accessories in Carolina blue with some style (ie that aren't manufactured by UNC and slapped with a big ol' logo). Here is my newest want:

Isn't it gorgeous? It's by Ippolita, one of my absolute favorite new jewelry designers. Just imagine it on my finger wrapped around a champagne flute at a tailgate. Love at first sight.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Finally Feels Good to be a Tar Heel Again

Let me start by saying, I'm so blessed. I've grown up a Tar Heel fan and have come to love everything about the athletics program, the school, the people. I've also become a little spoiled. Most of my life Carolina basketball has been pretty dominant. My freshman year at school I witnessed a National Championship and got to storm Franklin Street (I'm getting chills just remembering it) and the year after I graduated, we won the National Championship yet again (if only I had stayed five years). Carolina football has never been great, but it's always been fun. Fast-forward to this past year. Carolina basketball fails to make the NCAA Tournament. Carolina football is involved in an NCAA and academic (this turned out to be mostly nothing) scandal. It's been hard to be a Tar Heel fan lately.

The past couple of days though, I've felt those warm fuzzies coming back. The warm fuzzies I get when Shammond and TJ declare "I am a Tar Heel" and the warm fuzzies I get when singing the alma mater after a big win. Tuesday night, the bball boys headed to snow-covered Boston to take on BC. I was a little nervous about this game - ACC road games are always hard. We dominated the entire game and won by over thirty points. I haven't seen us play that well in a few years. We looked like a top five team, if not the top team in the nation. It was ridiculous. Harrison had 26, BOTH our point guards distributed well, everyone was on fire. It was SO nice to feel like we are back where we belong. I'm not naive and I know we've got a tough schedule coming up, but it's good to see the Heels playing to their full capability.

On the football front, yesterday was National Signing Day. We signed a top 15 recruiting class in the face of all the NCAA silliness. That is insane. I said it last year and I'll say it again - Miami on New Years?

Happy Thursday kiddos. I'm off to find a dress for Spring Football. :) Lovelovelove.