Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Review

Happy Monday y'all!

The bball boys took on FSU yesterday in the Dean Dome. No one was sure what to expect after the sudden departure of Larry Drew (now officially deemed Larry Who by many Tar Heel faithful), but K-Marsh quickly relieved that uncertainty. Marshall broke a freshman record for assists with 16 while commiting only 3 turnovers.

You know all that great play Larry Drew had been praised for since coming off the bench? Those 19 assists to only four turnovers? Well, Marshall had almost the same in one outing. Wherever Larry Drew was hiding, he heard about Kendall's game.

We won by twenty points and have moved up to #20 in the rankings. We play Dook Wednesday at Cameron. I'd love to win, but I won't be too upset if we lose. Playing at Cameron is almost impossible and playing at Cameron with such young players would be an even more difficult feat. My only concern is that a loss would affect that awesome confidence we are playing with right now.

It's so nice to be enjoying Carolina basketball again. Go to Hell, Dook!

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