Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entrepreneur Envy

I, like most, have always been jealous of those amazing women who can run their own business. Sure they work like heck and get little thanks, but they get to set their own schedule, make their own business decisions, and work with something about which they are truly passionate. Lately I've been wondering... could I be one of these women?? It's time to stop dreaming of it and make it happen.

I'm going to start small, of course. There's no room for quitting my current job to take on my dreams and falling flat on my face. But I'm going to start a catering service. Something small. Maybe a service where apt residents can buy frozen dishes to stick in the oven when they feel like a hot meal? Or maybe some delish tailgating treats? The details still need to be ironed out, but here goes quitting daydreaming and forging ahead. Happy Tuesday y'all!

I Know, I Know...

I'M SORRY. But when the only sports happening are the NBA playoffs (read: gag me as we remove every ounce of greatness from the sport of basketball and replace it with ugly uniforms, outrageous contracts, one-on-one flashiness, and a league that has never heard of the word "defense") and my money is running low (read: no money for Banana Republic or even banana splits) then my blogging topics come to a halt.

Friday night I saw Deon Thompson out in Chapel Hill. I, of course, pretty much attacked him as he was getting money out of the ATM, but he was very sweet and took a picture. People don't understand how I can get so excited about seeing Carolina basketball and football players, but to me, those guys are celebrities. Think about it: I tune into Carolina basketball at least twice a week during the season... that's more than my weekly visit with the stars of Gossip Girl or Law and Order.

I saw my first real life pair of Louboutins last week. Of course, I've seen them online and in stores, but last week my company's President from Italy came in wearing a gorgeous basic (can you even say basic when it comes to Louboutins? I think not) pair of black Louboutin pumps. I was in love the minute I saw those red soles as she walked down the hall. In love. Who needs boys when you have Christian?