Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Know, I Know...

I'M SORRY. But when the only sports happening are the NBA playoffs (read: gag me as we remove every ounce of greatness from the sport of basketball and replace it with ugly uniforms, outrageous contracts, one-on-one flashiness, and a league that has never heard of the word "defense") and my money is running low (read: no money for Banana Republic or even banana splits) then my blogging topics come to a halt.

Friday night I saw Deon Thompson out in Chapel Hill. I, of course, pretty much attacked him as he was getting money out of the ATM, but he was very sweet and took a picture. People don't understand how I can get so excited about seeing Carolina basketball and football players, but to me, those guys are celebrities. Think about it: I tune into Carolina basketball at least twice a week during the season... that's more than my weekly visit with the stars of Gossip Girl or Law and Order.

I saw my first real life pair of Louboutins last week. Of course, I've seen them online and in stores, but last week my company's President from Italy came in wearing a gorgeous basic (can you even say basic when it comes to Louboutins? I think not) pair of black Louboutin pumps. I was in love the minute I saw those red soles as she walked down the hall. In love. Who needs boys when you have Christian?

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