Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend in Pictures (And a Few Words!)

My weekend started like this. The Mudcats are a 1A baseball team nearby. Their stadium has to be the nicest 1A stadium in the country. They have a gourmet restaurant, so I pretty much just ate and drank my way through the game. My kinda baseball. 

Speaking of eating, I did a lot of it this weekend. These are my all time favorite chip EVER. They are awful for you, so I never get them, but I was having a pity party since I was home dog/house-sitting while everyone else was at the beach. 

Brother and I at the Mudcats game in my new Mudcats hat!

Friday night fireworks at the Mudcats game. I am a sucker for fireworks.

Mis tres amigos for the weekend. Please ignore the Duke photo in the background. I'm too lazy to crop.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Growth Through Blogs

Time is a funny thing. You know that it passes and you know that you change, but it's really hard to tell in what ways, when and how. I was thinking about this the other day when I realized that I can actually track some of my personal changes/growth through the blogs that I read.

The first blog I came across was a very personal, emotional blog - mostly about relationships. I was ending high school and starting college and drama appealed to me. Not to say this person's blog was dramatic, but... well, actually it was. And little 17/18 year old Lindsay ate it up. I loved it. I read every line with that "Oh my gosh, I can totally relate" feeling.

Now, I stay away from those blogs. There is definitely a time and place for them (try my  high school!), but they bore me now. I've learned that it's okay to be happy. It's okay to be content. Things don't have to be super high or super low all the time. It exhausts me just thinking about that crazy emotional roller coaster.

Most of the blogs I read now are healthy living blogs. I also read lots of foodie blogs and some fashion and interior design blogs. As well as a few faith-based ones. I know that doesn't really seem important, but it shows me that I've grown from that dramatic place of extreme highs and lows to knowing who I am and what interests me. And that...that makes me extremely happy.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day, Onion Strings, Free Dessert and a Nap

Doesn't that sound like the perfect day? It was!

I met my mom around 9:30 for a nice 3 mile walk on the greenway. The weather was in the high sixties and was perfect. We're really blessed to have such a fantastic greenway system in Raleigh. My mom's house (and mine for that matter) is about .25 miles from the start of one part of the greenway. Right now the greenway is covered in honeysuckles (my absolute favorite) and wild blackberries. I lovelovelove to eat the blackberries right off the tree. So sweet and fresh.

After our walk, we cleaned up and went to an early lunch. We decided to be "bad" before our salads and had a big ol' plate of onion strings. They were amazing! Our waiter then informed us that my mom got a free dessert  in honor of Mother's Day! Mom isn't huge on sweets, but we split a warm brownie with cookies n' cream ice cream. Delish!

When we got home, I found myself drawn to the couch where I napped for a solid hour and a half. It was heavenly. I then spent the rest of the afternoon at the rehab facility where my grandfather is staying, wishing my grandmother a happy mother's day!

I know I've said it a thousand times, but my mom really is the best. She is brilliant, beautiful, kind, supportive, loving and funny. I have no idea where I'd be without her. I love you, Mom!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Moving!

I'm excited to announce that after an incredibly amazing, crazy, heartwarming, insanely fun year at the house with Lauren, I'm going to be moving out July 1.

We have had the absolute best time living together in a gorgeous (read: way too nice for us!!) house and Lauren has become one of my closest friends in the world (read: people are actually freaked out by house close  we are), but I think we're both ready for our own places.

I'll be moving into a little bungalow in a great location in Raleigh. It's super cute, but on the older side. What suggestions do y'all have for making an older bungalow feel like home?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smoothie Success

After posts (onpostsonposts) about smoothies all over the blogosphere, I decided to try my hand at one this morning. I haven't made a smoothie since I was a kid and those weren't the most healthy ones. Today I threw everything but the kitchen sink into the blender and it turned out delicious. I included a banana, about 5 huge strawberries, half a container of strawberry banana chobani, some random amount of oats, some random amount of chia seeds, a handful of spinach (okay y'all were right - you really can't taste it!), ice and a splash of milk.

The texture is a little weird - I think as the result of the oats - but I almost like it because it seems more filling. Smoothie #1 - success!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crazy Love

Po and Big are my grandparents (long story on the names, but suffice to say, leaving grandparents' names up to the grandchildren is the way to go). I've been wanting to write about them on here for a long time, but have hesitated. I've hesitated for a couple of reasons. I've hesitated because they've come across some tough times of late and I don't want to only give you that small of view of them. Mostly, I've hesitated though, because I don't think I can do them justice.

Po is a southern grandmother in the best sense of the word. She is southern, sassy and not-at-all grandmother like except in her love for her grandchildren. Growing up I remember a diamond iguana pin that Po would wear on her clothes. She's still one of the most fashionable people I know and goes to the "beauty shop" once a week. She would always cook me bacon and eggs and sing and dance with me.

Big is a tougher shell to crack, but it's worth it once you get through. A former football player and Army veteran, Big is all testosterone. When I was younger, Big didn't always talk a lot, but he was always given the responsibility of saying the blessing before dinner. He always said the best blessing and thanked God for the opportunity to be together and for "help in our future business endeavors." I always thought that was funny, but that's just the type of guy he is.

Po and Big met in Georgia when they were twelve. They've been inseparable ever since.

Po and Big are fun. They drink. They cuss. They are irreverent. And they are madly in love.

Po and Big are not the old gray-haired grandparents you think of who hold hands (though they do that) and sit quietly. They are not together because they have been together for 50 years. They are together because they are crazy in love. Po and Big are loud. And sassy. And flirt. They look at each other today like they'd do it all again in a second if they could.

Their love isn't the picture perfect love you see in movies. It's crazy and fun and wild and doesn't give a damn. And in my mind, that's perfect.