Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend in Pictures (And a Few Words!)

My weekend started like this. The Mudcats are a 1A baseball team nearby. Their stadium has to be the nicest 1A stadium in the country. They have a gourmet restaurant, so I pretty much just ate and drank my way through the game. My kinda baseball. 

Speaking of eating, I did a lot of it this weekend. These are my all time favorite chip EVER. They are awful for you, so I never get them, but I was having a pity party since I was home dog/house-sitting while everyone else was at the beach. 

Brother and I at the Mudcats game in my new Mudcats hat!

Friday night fireworks at the Mudcats game. I am a sucker for fireworks.

Mis tres amigos for the weekend. Please ignore the Duke photo in the background. I'm too lazy to crop.

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