Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day, Onion Strings, Free Dessert and a Nap

Doesn't that sound like the perfect day? It was!

I met my mom around 9:30 for a nice 3 mile walk on the greenway. The weather was in the high sixties and was perfect. We're really blessed to have such a fantastic greenway system in Raleigh. My mom's house (and mine for that matter) is about .25 miles from the start of one part of the greenway. Right now the greenway is covered in honeysuckles (my absolute favorite) and wild blackberries. I lovelovelove to eat the blackberries right off the tree. So sweet and fresh.

After our walk, we cleaned up and went to an early lunch. We decided to be "bad" before our salads and had a big ol' plate of onion strings. They were amazing! Our waiter then informed us that my mom got a free dessert  in honor of Mother's Day! Mom isn't huge on sweets, but we split a warm brownie with cookies n' cream ice cream. Delish!

When we got home, I found myself drawn to the couch where I napped for a solid hour and a half. It was heavenly. I then spent the rest of the afternoon at the rehab facility where my grandfather is staying, wishing my grandmother a happy mother's day!

I know I've said it a thousand times, but my mom really is the best. She is brilliant, beautiful, kind, supportive, loving and funny. I have no idea where I'd be without her. I love you, Mom!!

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