Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm a closet nerd.

Okay, okay, maybe not so closet, but not in the way you are thinking.

It's pretty obvious that I'm a nerd in that I love lists, organizing, planning, crafts, the alma mater and Pretty Little Liars.

It's not so obvious that I'm a nerd because I like video games. Not cool ones like Halo or Call of Duty (although, I do like Grand Theft Auto, is that cool?) But seriously dorky ones. Massive online role playing games like World of Warcraft.

Now when I say that I like them, it doesn't really mean that I'm good at them. Actually, I'm awful. But I find the whole concept fascinating. My best friend got me into WOW (get with the lingo, y'all) in college. I fell in love with it because we would sit there for hours, him staring at the computer trying to make it to the elusive level 70 Palladin, me cooking us filet mignons on the George Foreman in his dorm room (pretty sure that was totally against dorm rules, but whatev), us both sipping Icehouses (we were naive and poor and not of age, we took what we could get).

Now that I type that I'm pretty sure that doesn't sound like heaven to most of you. But to me it was. I love wasting days and nights away with that boy, still to this day.

When he transferred colleges, we both had apartments and we were both 21, so I didn't have to cook the filet mignons illegally and we made the switch from Icehouse to my beloved rum and diet coke, but little else changed.

Then graduation and the real world hit. And now I long for those silly video game filled days.

Well, a couple of months ago, said best friend and I pre-ordered the new Star Wars online role-playing game (nerd status, solidified). And oh my goodness y'all, it's now available for download. We sorta, accidently lost the code to download it, but the Help Desk is supposed to call us back today with it. With any luck, we'll have the code soon and will be playing, eating and sipping in just a few short hours.

So my secret's out. I'm a nerd. But if loving laid back times with best friends and good food and drink when the world seems a little more simple makes me a nerd, I never ever ever want to be cool.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Several events lately have reminded me of how precious life really is.

My friends were so lucky to make it out alive Saturday night. How someone could value life so little that he thinks money is a reasonable excuse to hurt people or even take their lives is beyond me.

But that's exactly what the people who killed Eve thought. Eve Carson's murder trial is going on right now and more and more details are coming out. They said they killed her because she saw their faces. Why didn't they wear a mask?? The death of an amazing person all for 700 puny dollars. It literally makes me sick.

Eve asked the murderers to pray with her right before she was killed. In her darkest hour, she was able to know what really matters. As I've said before, I didn't know Eve well, but I had the privilege of meeting her a couple of times and the backyards of our houses practically touched. I cry every time I read anything about it. I hate those people for what they did.

My best friend's dad died when he was 17 in early December. This is always a hard time of the year for him. I never knew his dad, but to think about losing a parent at any age, let alone 17, is incredibly hard to fathom.

Freshman year of college my grandmother died. I know that grandparents die, but it was sudden and we had an extremely special relationship. I'm so fortunate in that I know she knew I loved her with every ounce of my body - we just had that sort of bond.

All of these events have served as a huge reminder that life is precious. It can end at any moment. We complain and get caught up in the rush of things, but are you living the life you want? Are you being the kind of person you want to be? Are you telling the people you love how much you love them?

The one thing I really want to get across in this post is to value life. There are awful people in this world who don't. But not all of them are murderers. Some are every day people who hate life and don't appreciate the time we are given. I think at times all of us are even guilty of this. Let's make a conscious effort this December and beyond to value this life and appreciate it for the gift that it is.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday (Good try!) Morning Review

This weekend was a full one.

Friday afternoon Lauren, Anna and I went down to Charlotte for my cousin's bachelorette party! Dinner and drinks were a blast. I headed back to hotel a little early because I wasn't feeling great, but had a wonderful time! 

Saturday was back to Raleigh quickly because Lauren and I had tickets to see Cinderella. I loveloveloved it. For those of you who don't know, I have this fascination with princesses/pretending I am one and this was right up my alley.  We then grabbed dinner and watched my bball boys (a little too closely) defeat Long Beach State.

Afterwards, I went downtown with some friends. One of my good friends lives downtown so we usually walk from his house and take a cab back. Two of the boys decided not to take a cab back this time and were mugged. It was so incredibly scary. Everyone is okay - minus some stitches and broken orbital bone, but it's still terrifying! Sunday I went around hugging everyone and telling them how much I loved them and how grateful I was for them. You never think those things are going to happen to you, but they can and do and it's awful!

Sunday morning, I had brunch with my dear friend Meghan at Cafe Caturra. They have bottomless mimosas for $10 which I'm a huge fan of! I then watched my TJ lead the Texans to a one point victory with a touchdown pass in the last 2 seconds of the game. He's all over ESPN now. I'd just like to say one thing... you heard it hear first, folks. 

Make it a great week! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trying this thing called being a good, frequent blogger

Daddy and I had a great time at the basketball game last night. The Heels won 97-48 - my kind of game! I've decided James Michael McAdoo is my favorite, mostly because he goes by James Michael. I sort of have a thing for calling people by their first and middle names so he makes my heart happy. Plus he's cute and good at basketball.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday (Close enough!) Morning Review

Last Wednesday my bball boys took the court against top-10 ranked Wisconsin in what was sure to be an epic game. It was a close game played by two dramatically different (but great) basketball teams, but we pulled out the victory. I'm sure it was my visit to Top O and the two Old Well whites I drank that helped.

Saturday we lost by one to #1 Kentucky in Kentucky. It was a great game all around that came down to the last few seconds. Down one we had the ball with time left. Henson went up for a shot and was blocked with four seconds left. Kentucky got the ball - we still had time to foul, but seem so confused by what just happened that we let time expire. Wish we had that one back.

I had a really great weekend overall though, despite the loss. It was the perfect combination of family, friends and me time.

Thursday (okay that's not really the weekend, but we'll count it) I went to my brother's Christmas show at school. He had a speaking role and all of the Christmas songs put me in the spirit. He also introduced me to his little buddy (the 4th graders get assigned a kindergartner that is their buddy) who may be the cutest thing in the world.
Okay, so my brother is devilishly handsome too, I know. :) 

Friday night a couple of friends came over and we decorated the Christmas tree. Unfortunately I only have a before picture, so use your imagination. I do have one of the mantle all done up and pretty though.


Only $40 bucks for this 8 foot tree!
Saturday morning I got my hair cut! 7 inches off! Can you believe it? I really like it, minus the fact that I think it makes my face look fat. (Hence the weird expression).

Do you do this kind of thing in your office? 
After that I headed to mom's to eat pizza and watch the bball boys.
Ohh Capital Creations, you warm my heart (and tummy!)
After the game, I went to the grocery store and then got crafty with some Christmas centerpieces. Do you like?
Greenery, cranberries, distilled water and floating candles. So easy!
Sunday was spent at the bar because a certain TJ Yates has officially become the Texans starting quarterback and was starting his first game. Sorry I'm not sorry I told y'all how great he was ahead of time. I forgive you for doubting me. Check out this Bloody Mary from Barking Cow - complete with cheese stuffed olives, string cheese and bacon.

I don't like Bloody Marys but this made me want to.
Tonight it's back to Chapel Hill to watch the boys take on Evansville. God bless you 7:00 games that put me in bed at a decent hour and God bless you "not so great teams" that get me lower level seats as opposed to the upper level ones we have for most games. Yikes, I'm really not as spoiled as that just sounded. Always grateful to go to Chapel Hill no matter the time or seats. GO HEELS!