Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday (Good try!) Morning Review

This weekend was a full one.

Friday afternoon Lauren, Anna and I went down to Charlotte for my cousin's bachelorette party! Dinner and drinks were a blast. I headed back to hotel a little early because I wasn't feeling great, but had a wonderful time! 

Saturday was back to Raleigh quickly because Lauren and I had tickets to see Cinderella. I loveloveloved it. For those of you who don't know, I have this fascination with princesses/pretending I am one and this was right up my alley.  We then grabbed dinner and watched my bball boys (a little too closely) defeat Long Beach State.

Afterwards, I went downtown with some friends. One of my good friends lives downtown so we usually walk from his house and take a cab back. Two of the boys decided not to take a cab back this time and were mugged. It was so incredibly scary. Everyone is okay - minus some stitches and broken orbital bone, but it's still terrifying! Sunday I went around hugging everyone and telling them how much I loved them and how grateful I was for them. You never think those things are going to happen to you, but they can and do and it's awful!

Sunday morning, I had brunch with my dear friend Meghan at Cafe Caturra. They have bottomless mimosas for $10 which I'm a huge fan of! I then watched my TJ lead the Texans to a one point victory with a touchdown pass in the last 2 seconds of the game. He's all over ESPN now. I'd just like to say one thing... you heard it hear first, folks. 

Make it a great week! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?

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