Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

My grandmother, Po, is in the hospital again. Hopefully she'll be better soon, but I had to share this gem of a story.

Male nurse: I have your pills.
Po: UGH.
Male nurse: Please?
Po: Sure! I'd walk a million miles for a cute man.
My dad: Mother!
Po: Well Bucky! I do love men!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14

Day 14 is "What's On Your Playlist?" and I have to say, I am quite possibly the worst music person ever. Right now my playlist is probably a weird combination of Ben Folds, Coldplay, Chase Rice, T.I. and Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." But only "Shake It Off" because I am kind of tired of the rest of T. Swift's music.

Since this category is sort of a dud for me, how about some thoughts on Chicago? I went there for a long weekend a few days ago for the UNC v. Notre Dame game (we lost, but did SO much better than people expected) and loved it.

I think I could live in Chicago. Growing up I wanted to live in New York City. I wanted to go to journalism school up there and be a reporter or a novelist in the City. Then I actually went to NYC and was over it. Way too fast paced and WAY too dirty.

Chicago is like a cleaner, happier NYC. It's still HUGE and I know that would take some getting used to, but I'm a huge fan.

I'll be back with a full recap post when I get all my pictures loaded later this week.

Love, love.

PS. My running tally is up to 14.25 miles.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm doing really well with this blog challenge, huh?

But, I'm picking back up today with Day 7 and "Seven Lessons You've Learned So Far This Year."

Wow this is a good one.

1. I've learned that being busier/more stressed does not make you better. I don't know why we've gotten it in our heads that those things make us better. They don't.

2. I've learned that painting a bedroom is hard work! Obviously this isn't an important life lesson, but I always thought it would be easy.

3. I've learned that most of my running battles are mental. Sure, there are definitely days when I am tired physically, but most of the time, I just need to get my head in the right place and push on. That knowledge has lead me to run my long distances ever this year.

4. I've learned that I'm the hardest on myself and that guilt does nothing but makes me feel bad. God's grace is the only way to go.

5. Same goes with worry. Totally pointless. But worry and preparation are two different things. Prepare fully and then don't worry.

6. I've learned that I am my best (for myself and for others) when I take time for myself. I've often got caught up in the battle of trying to hang out with my friends as often as they want to and I can't do that. I'm forever grateful for my friends, but I also need alone time to recharge.

7. A quiet night in my house with a glass of wine making dinner beats ANY night out.

Also, as far as October goals and my running challenge of 50 miles, I am currently at 6.1 miles. Better step things up!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Blogging Challenge

Hey y'all and Happy October!! I'm normally a summer person, but I'm kind of loving fall this year. And to kick off the month right, I ran before work! That never..ever... happens. I often set my alarm to get up and run before work and it never works out (read: I turn off the alarm and sleep until my regular one). I finally got up last week, but when I went outside to run it was so dark! I started imagining all of these worst case scenarios in which I was kidnapped and taken to the New Jersey where I couldn't go to Chapel Hill or drink sweet tea, so I decided to go back inside.

I was telling my friend, neighbor and Pilates teacher Lori about said run attempt and she offered to run with me once a week before work. We live about four doors apart, so it works out perfectly! We ran 30 minutes which flew by from chatting the whole time.

Anyway, in honor of October and wanting to blog more I'm going to take a shot at the October Blogging Challenge courtesy of Girl Meets Life.

October Goals:

  • Run 50 miles during the month. (Tally so far: 3 miles)
  • Get guest room painted. (Currently in the taping stage...)
  • Organize cabinets. (Recently got a set of really nice dishes and want to clean out some of the stuff I don't use often).
  • Do a closet clean out.
  • Try a new church.
  • Carve/decorate pumpkins.
  • Sign one new business client at work.
I'm going to end it there. I have a few more personal ones that I want to keep to myself and I want to keep this short to make them attainable. See y'all back tomorrow!