Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm doing really well with this blog challenge, huh?

But, I'm picking back up today with Day 7 and "Seven Lessons You've Learned So Far This Year."

Wow this is a good one.

1. I've learned that being busier/more stressed does not make you better. I don't know why we've gotten it in our heads that those things make us better. They don't.

2. I've learned that painting a bedroom is hard work! Obviously this isn't an important life lesson, but I always thought it would be easy.

3. I've learned that most of my running battles are mental. Sure, there are definitely days when I am tired physically, but most of the time, I just need to get my head in the right place and push on. That knowledge has lead me to run my long distances ever this year.

4. I've learned that I'm the hardest on myself and that guilt does nothing but makes me feel bad. God's grace is the only way to go.

5. Same goes with worry. Totally pointless. But worry and preparation are two different things. Prepare fully and then don't worry.

6. I've learned that I am my best (for myself and for others) when I take time for myself. I've often got caught up in the battle of trying to hang out with my friends as often as they want to and I can't do that. I'm forever grateful for my friends, but I also need alone time to recharge.

7. A quiet night in my house with a glass of wine making dinner beats ANY night out.

Also, as far as October goals and my running challenge of 50 miles, I am currently at 6.1 miles. Better step things up!

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