Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Review

Wednesday night the Heels took on the Dookies in Cameron. We started off the game on fire and took a quick sixteen point lead. I was so excited, but knew better than to count my chickens at that point. Growing up around here there are some things you learn. 1) Basketball is king. 2) Eastern NC bbq dominates Western NC bbq. 3) Dook will always make a run.

I'm sure there are other things you learn, but those stick out. Anyway, me being the smart southern girl that I am did not count  my chickens and therefore did not freak out when Dook made a run. Can't say the same for my Tar Heel boys. They are young and most aren't local - I understand. They will know better next year. We ended up losing by six. Disappointing, but okay. It takes a miracle to win in Cameron and I can tell how much we've improved. I think we've got a real shot at home.

On Saturday the boys took on Clemson at Clemson. I was at the mountains (post coming soon on my first snowboarding attempt) and the tv signal kept going in and out so I'm not sure of the details. From what I did see, and from what I've read, it was sloppy and HB had a crazy dunk. We snuck out of Littlejohn with a two point victory - I'll take it.

We play Wake tomorrow night at home. Wake is the worst team in the ACC (by far), so unless something crazy happens, we should be okay.

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