Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Review


Saturday night Dook lost to Va. Tech in Blacksburg. It was a very close game, but one that you had the sense Va.Tech wanted it just that much more. Duke now has two ACC losses (the same as us), so we are tied for first in the conference.

The bball boys beat Maryland at home last night by 11 points. It was a very fast paced game. Henson had 15 rebounds and both Z and Harrison had over 20.

We play Wednesday at Florida State and Duke plays Clemson at home this week.

Which means... if we both win... we are playing for Regular Season Conference Champs when we play each other Saturday. How epic would that be!? But first we have to get past a 3rd place FSU team at home - no easy task.

Go Heels!

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