Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh heyyyyy Harrison!

Goodness gracious y'all. Last night we played FSU in Tallahassee. It was a back and forth physical game throughhout. We didn't play particularly well, but when we had a seven point lead with just a few minutes left, I thought we were okay. Silly me.

We turned it over several times and were down 70-69 with 18 seconds left. Kenda drove and was blocked. Timeout Roy with 11 seconds left. Harrison got the ball, dribbled for what seemed like five years, pulled up for a three at the top of the arc - buckets. 72-70 Tar Heels win.

I haven't been so excited about the ending of a Carolina game in forever. It was ridiculously awesome. And taking a three there  - gutsy move, Harrison. I like it. and you.

Dook also won there game to make Saturday's game for the ACC title. Bring it, Dook. :)

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