Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ACC Tourney Madness (to be followed by March Madness)

My apologies for being extremely late on this post! Things have been crazy with work, roomies' bday, coaching the boys' bball team, etc. But excuses are good for nothing and so I will begin.

Friday, the bball boys took on Miami in the ACC Tournament. We were not playing well at all. We were down 19 at one point. We never lead the game....until the final buzzer. Yep, that's right kids. Z hit a basket at the buzzer to win the game. HB went off near the end of the game to get us back in it and we closed it with the Z basket on a crucial Kendall Marshall assist.

Saturday, the Heels started off slow again, digging themselves a 16 point hole against Clemson. Really Heels? Like to give me heart attacks much? At least Harrison feels bad for my  heart and went on a scoring rampage to bring us back within single digits. We took the game to overtime and won. Harrison finished with 40. Yes 4-0.

That leads us to Sunday where an epic matchup was set for the title game - UNC v. Dook. Andddd the matchup was about the only thing epic about it. We did not play well at all. Y'all know I don't like to talk about the sad games so that will be it for that game description. Hopefully it was a wake up call for the Heels.

We got a #2 seed in the East region of the NCAA Tourney. I like the region because we get to play our first couple games in CharChar, but I dislike the region because it is loaded. #1 Ohio State is the best team in the nation and Kentucky and Syracuse are the #3 and #4 seeds, respectively. It will take some work to get out of that braket alive. But who knows, this team might just be crazy enough to do it. GO HEELS!

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