Friday, February 4, 2011

Depression, Confusion and Anxiety Ensue

Anyone that knows me even semi-well knows that I'm a huge Larry Drew fan. While the rest of Tar Heel Nation was saying he was horrible, I was singing his praises. I don't really know why I liked him. I enjoy diminutive point guards. And he just seemed so presh. And I love a good underdog. I defended LD more than anyone and was loyal like no other. That is why this is so hard for me.

Larry Drew II is leaving UNC. Mid-season. Without any good reason. It seems to be a decision driven by his father who is Head Coach of the Atlanta Hawks. He apologized for "failing to meet expectations of people in Chapel Hill" and said it was a family decision.

It appears Roy was unaware until he talked to LDI this morning and the players all said they found out via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This hurts my heart for two reasons.

1) Despite what people say, we need Larry Drew. Whether he's starting or coming off the bench, we need two point guards. We have NO backup point guard. Dex will have to play pg now and that's just a flashback to Shammond playing point, but a not as good version.

2) My feelings are hurt. I know LD doesn't know me or my love for him, but I stood by that kid like no other. I defended him to everyone. I'm sure you can go back on this blog and see.

Excuse my language, but this sucks. Especially if this decision is coming from his father (as it appears to be) and not him. And the timing is incredibly stupid. He will have to sit out a year and won't get to play any games the rest of this year.

Anddddd, I just got word that our awesome new assistant football coach Brian Baker, who has been with us for less than three weeks, has left us for the Dallas Cowboys. What a day.

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