Thursday, April 4, 2013


Disclaimer: I meant to post this last week, but lost it in my drafts! Po's surgery went well and she is currently in rehab.

Y'all remember me mentioning Po on here once or twice, right? Po is my grandmother (dad's mom) and she is ridiculously awesome. Here she is:

Po is super stylish, loves "to party" with a vodka martini  (her words, not mine) and has a pretty awesome southern accent. Po is actually who taught me how to play drinking badminton, but I digress. 

Yesterday after a physical therapy session, Po fell and broke her leg. She is scheduled to have surgery today. This post isn't for sympathy (but prayers are always appreciated), but to tell you how I found her when I got to the emergency room.

Po was obviously in a ton of pain, which broke my heart, but she had on some fierce hot pink lipstick, her hair had been done that morning (she goes every Thursday) and next to her bed was a monogram red clutch with tortoise shell wristlet that I am supremely jealous of in a serious way. Po knows style.

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