Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Game Day!

Tonight, Carolina plays Duke at Duke. It's always a tough game, but this is definitely not our best season. Regardless, I'm keeping the faith and hoping for a huge upset.

God bless Franklin Street.
God bless the quad on a sunny day.
God bless Lucy's (may she rest in peace).
God bless lazy afternoons.
God bless the Dean Dome.
God bless Kenan Stadium.
God bless the town that owns my heart.
God bless them Tar Heel boys.

Let's do this, Heels!!

(As for my plans, I thought I'd be as stereotypical as possible. Emily is coming over and we are going to have a wine and cheese party. And by party I mean we are going to drink wine and eat cheese in our pajamas while we cheer our hearts out. I know many people hate the 'wine and cheese' label, but I embrace it. I love wine and cheese.)

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