Monday, May 13, 2013

This weekend was for...

  • seeing Gatsby Friday night (I actually really really liked it. As a LOVER of the book, I was not expecting that.)
  • Sleeping in Saturday and going to visit Po with Mom. We gave her some Bedhead Pajamas that she loved! Then Mom and I went to the Mill for lunch and did a little shopping.
  • Saturday night I went to Draft House to catch up with Val (my good friend Chris' mom) and later Lauren, Marcus and Hobbes joined us. 
  • Sunday was for Mother's Day with my mom! She loved the vase I got her from Eclectic Garden (love that store) and we chowed down on nachos and mozzarella sticks (my mom eats poorly two days a year - her birthday and Mother's Day). We ended our time together with a Lowe's trip before enjoying some time in the sun.
  • Sunday afternoon Emily came over and we enjoyed some porch sitting on a beautiful day and discussed plans for her birthday this weekend. Porch sitting is sort of my favorite thing ever.
A wonderful, beautiful weekend. And this week is supposed to be nice weather-wise. So blessed!

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