Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dressing Room Requirements

Today I was reading contracts that famous singers have and what they require to be in their dressing rooms when they agree to do a performance. This, of course, made me ponder... what will I require in my dressing room once I'm discovered? (Joking, of course, my singing voice rivals my grandfather's, the man whose version of "Peg of My Heart" scares little children -- though in my old age I find it entirely charming and endearing that he constantly sings this song to my grandmother, Peg)

Crystal Light "Natural Lemonade" Flavor
Sweettarts (the normal size ones, please, not the huge ones and not the little baby ones)
Cheese (a nice smoked gouda, white cheddar, grueyere, brie en croute, and roquefort would be lovely)
Bread (toasted with salt and pepper, of course)
TI Cd (how am I supposed to do anything without my personal anthem, "No Matter What")
A good bottle of champy/prosecco (with proper flutes)
Captain (can't forget your old friends)
diet coke (NOT coke zero and WITH caffeine please (silver can))
Goodberrys - vanilla concrete with caramel and banana

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