Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning (or close to it...) Review

Ohh a good football weekend makes it a little easier to wakeup on Monday mornings (especially when I get to sport my Carolina blue cashmere scarf, but I digress...). The Heels had an amazing day Saturday, beating the 14th ranked Miami Hurricanes 33-24, and becoming bowl eligible with seven wins. The defense was amazing with several interceptions, and TJ moved the ball down the field exceptionally well. There was one play, however, that I'm certain will remained engrained in my football memory for years to come. Kendric Burney intercepted the ball and began running down the field for a touchdown. At about the 40, the Miami defense was closing in on him near the right sideline. Burney managed to give a quick handoff to Melvin Williams as he was going out of bounds. Williams then ran the ball down the field to the endzone, where he was hit, and the ball flew loose. Williams dove on the ball - recovery Carolina - touchdown Carolina. :)

Sunday the bball boys hit the court against Valpo. In a much less exceptional fashion, the Heels downed Valpo by 11 points. While a win is always a good thing, it was a game that it was very hard about which to get excited. We lacked any intensity and played like we didn't care. It was good to see Bryce and Homer Drew on Valpo's sideline, though. It reminded me of my high school days and one of my most well received articles in the Hi-Times. I'll post it later for a nice blast from the past. For now, off to look at possible bowl locals (Charlotte, Nashville... Atlanta??) and think of corresponding outfits.. :)

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