Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am h-a-p-p-y.

I can play about five songs on the piano. Jingle Bells, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Oh Holy Night (it's a requirement to know how to play this in my family - my Aunt Gail hates this song so we all play it for her), the little bikini song, AND I am h-a-p-p-y.

I am h-a-p-p-y is one of the easiest songs to play on the piano, ever. My grandmother taught it to me the first time I spent two weeks at her house during the summer. Those were a great two weeks. My grandmother was an amazing person -- she knew more about ACC basketball than anyone I know. There was never a bigger Clemson fan in the history of the world. The two weeks I spent at her house were so much fun. We would start every morning with her saying, "Lindsay, look how much my hibiscus has grown" and end the evenings with fresh South Carolina peaches, chocolate milk, and nick-at-nite. I miss that.

Anyway, I woke up with that song in my head. I haven't thought of that song in YEARS, and I woke up with it in my head. It's really counterintutive because I went to bed crying and woke up from a nightmare crying in the middle of the night. Yet, when I woke up this morning, that song was in my head.

And today has actually turned into a great day! I felt the peace I was feeling weeks ago and I talked to my best friend. Tonight I get to see my life coach (aka my brother) who can only help steer things in the right direction.

2 days til LD owns everyone... :)

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