Friday, April 3, 2009

Ty Lawson listed just one school....

I lovelovelove human interest stories on athletes. LOVE. I just read one that gave me chills... particularly the following:

Dante Cunningham said he recently looked through an old scrapbook that the two coaches had put together, and found a sheet in which they had asked each player -- when they were just 11 -- to state what college they dreamed of playing for. Dante wrote down Michigan, or Georgetown, which had recently been the homes of Chris Webber and Allen Iverson, respectively. Ty Lawson listed just one school: North Carolina. "When I saw that," Cunningham said, "I thought, 'Wow. That's crazy, that he already knew back then.'"

I love that. The greatest point guard in the nation knew from the time he was eleven he wanted to play for Carolina.

I know the feeling. I knew from birth, basically, that I wanted to go to Carolina. Sure I applied to a few schools, but deep down I knew I would end up at Carolina. Without a doubt the best four years of my life. Nothing beats walking through the quad on a sunny day or tailgating before singing the alma mater at Kenan. Nothing. It makes me smile to think Ty, the greatest point guard in the entire country, feels those things too. :)

And tonight I get to pretend I'm back living it all again. Heaven!

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