Monday, April 6, 2009

...I might like Roy...

I'm sitting here at work reading pregame articles (that's pretty much all my focus will allow for today) and there's an article that basically calls Tom Izzo an angel and Roy Williams a giant jerkface. So, I'm reading said article, and I start getting upset. Which sounds pretty normal. I mean you are supposed to support the coach of your team, right? Fair enough, but I have never liked Roy Williams. It all started because I was a huge Matt Doherty fan (as many will tell you, I am a fan of the underdogs...:) ) Roy didn't give a ____ about North Carolina. As a Carolina fan, that hurts. College basketball in this part of the country is a religion. And us Carolina fans tend to think Carolina basketball is the mecca of that religion. That's why when Roy Williams didn't give a ____ about North Carolina, I got mad. Nobody says that about the best school, basketball or otherwise, in the nation.

Yet, today when I was reading the article, I found myself getting very upset and immediately jumping to Roy's defense. .... And that is when I realized... .I think that I might like Roy these days. He does look like my dad and he says cute things like "Jimminy Christmas." He plays a style of basketball that I like. Sometimes he dresses badly, but when he wears the cute striped tie he makes up for it. He cried when talking about this year's group of seniors - I loved that. And he doesn't sugarcoat... even though that made me mad six years ago, I appreciate that today. Oh yeah, and he recruited LARRY DREW.


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