Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kickboxing/Race Dayyyy

Last Thursday I went to my first kickboxing class with my friend Lauren. I did cardio kickboxing in college - the kind where you punch the air and do combos - so I figured this would be the same sort of thing... I was definitely wrong. This kickboxing is hardcore. You punch actual bags and where gloves and do loads of pushups...I LOVE IT. Thank goodness Lauren dragged me out there (she is the best at this - finding new places/things for us to go and do...just the other day she found a new place for us to get pedis where they give you a cocktail while they do your toes!). I am finally getting back into shape...I still need to drop a few pounds for summer, but I feel SO MUCH better when I workout.

My race Saturday went really well. I was so nervous because I only had a chance to run twice in the 10 days before the race because of my sickness. I finished at about the rate of a 10 minute mile - which was okay. My next goal is to get under 30 minutes. My family came and cheered me on which was a huge help and motivator!

Tonight I'm going to take the night off and just sleeeeeeep. :) I'm exhausted.

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