Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've officially finished my three brackets (with Carolina winning them all, obviously. Come on Tywon, my hopes for greatness lie squarely upon your shoulders, orrrr big toe). Now comes the best part. The giddy part. The NCAA tournament is on my top ten amazing things list. I've never really tried to actualize that list, but the NCAAs are right up there with massages and goodberrys and rum and diets and wine and cheese outside on a warm evening with good company. So when tournament time comes around, I can't focus on anything but basketball (which I think has helped my diet...I was so distracted talking basketball last night, that I only ate about 1/4 of my Kanki and have lost a pound as of this morning). The fact that I get this way has provided me a much needed reminder - sports, college sports specifically, is where my heart is and where I will ultimately end up. I sometimes find myself getting complacent now that I have a job and a steady paycheck. I can never let that happen. Everytime I get complacent I need to remember the stories of Shammond Williams beating the odds and making it to the NBA. I need to remember Chris Webber's timeout against UNC in the NCAA Championship. I need to remember Matt Doherty saying "Duke cheerleaders are ugly." I need to remember watching the Miami football team dance as Carolina beat them at Kenan. I need to remember falling down the hill at the Dean Dome in a mad rush to Franklin Street after we won the 2005 National Championship (and dedicating the fall to Jackie Manuel). When I lose focus, I need to remember those moments. Those moments are the reason I love college sports. Those moments are the reason I can't become complacent.

So with that said, let the games begin. And may there be many more moments I need to remember.

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