Monday, March 2, 2009


I've never really wanted to write a blog or have my own website. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but when I think of blogs I think of teenage boys that weigh less than me, wear tighter jeans than me, and listen to the White Stripes while they "blog" about the materialism of America or trees getting cut down or their vegan diets. None of those things describe me. Yet, I have succumbed to the world of "blog-dom" in an effort to advance my career. Recently one of my role models in the writing/public relations world pointed out to me that I have toyed with almost every aspect of writing (magazine, newspaper, sports website, etc)...almost every aspect except blogging, which is apparently pretty big in these technology savvy times. So here I am... a twenty something recent graduate working an administrative job until I get my "big break" in the writing world. I am admittedly more interested in Christian Louboutin shoes than the "problem" of materialism, I typically go through more than two notebook's worth of paper in journals a month, and I could eat a filet mignon topped with a nice pinot noir reduction every night. But here I am in the blog world in an attempt to live my dreams.... here goes....

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