Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Fix: Grey Tights

My daily winter uniform typically consists of a knit dress or a top and pencil skirt, paired with black tights and heels. I find it a frightening thought to give up dresses and skirts just because the thermometer drops below freezing ("work" pants have really never done anything for my almost non-existent backside). My black tights allow me to avoid the (gloomy, dismal) fate of pants and wear the cute dresses and skirts I long to wear. Recently, however, my mom bought me a pair of grey tights. I decided to wear them today with my new adorable green (bargain!) dress from Target and I am LOVING the results.

The grey still goes with almost everything, yet adds an extra element of fashion that still works in the corporate world. I will be buying more pairs immediately.

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