Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Year Ago...

I woke up this morning in a horrible mood. I was grumpy, tired, and concerned about the most petty of things. That is when I remembered what today was. A year ago today, Eve Carson was murdered. I lived very close to Eve and had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. I get chills thinking about this time last year. I remember reading in the DTH that there had been a murder, but that the identity of the girl was not yet known. It was a few days before anyone knew it was Eve. I remember walking through campus a few days before Spring Break of my senior year and seeing people crying and painting signs for Eve. The announcement had come about an hour earlier while I was in class. Though I didn't know Eve well, I saw her on a regular basis and had talked to her several times. Eve was taken from her home, just yards from my home.

So this morning, when I woke up and was rushing around pressed for time, (mentally) complaining about work, and trying my best to ruin something amazing because of it's lack of structure and definition, I stopped for a minute. I was running out the door ten minutes late and realized I hadn't read my devotional. That is when I remembered what today was. I immediately started crying and took a deep breath. Eve's death still angers me to this day. While I am certain that I am not nearly as smart or poised or mature as Eve, she inspires me to do the best I can with who I am. She inspires me to look at the good in everything instead of trying to pick it apart with "what-ifs." I have been crying off and on all morning and I know it will continue throughout the day. But as upsetting as the situation is, there is no place I'd rather be this afternoon than in the Pit on the most beautiful campus in the world with the Clefs singing James Taylor. I'm pretty sure Eve would like that, too. :)

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