Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rant for the Day: ACC Player of the Year

In my opinion, Ty Lawson, hands down. (Logic: Carolina would not be anywhere without Ty Lawson. Bobby Frasor and Larry Drew at point give me flashbacks to 8-20 season with Adam Boone...::shivers:: While I don't think we could win a national championship without Tyler Hansbrough, I have more faith in the Ed Davis/Deon Thompson/even Tyler Zeller combo, than the Frasor/Drew combo) BUT, with that said, I think it's ridiculous that many people aren't even considering Tyler. What in the world?? Since when does a player who will soon lead the ACC in ALL TIME scoring (and who already leads the NCAA in career free throws made) not deserve some consideration??

Following the same logic, Ty means more to Carolina than Gerald Henderson to Duke. End of story.

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