Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Like Sister, Like Brother

My little brother makes me smile ridiculous amounts. When asked where he wanted to go to dinner the other night, he immediately responded, "El RO!" When he was told "no" by the parentals, he decided to try his backup..."Then how bout...Taco Bell?!" Seems his culinary tastes are very much in line with those of his big sister. When we finally went to dinner, out of the blue, he said, "So, Lindsay, tell me your top ten most embarrassing moments." (Where does he get these things?) He then proceeded to take a candid, extremely zoomed-in picture of me and said, "I'm sending that to Larry Drew. I bet that will go on your embarrassing moments list." But my favorite is when we're in the car alone listening to his Queen CD (his musical inclinations are not that of the typical seven year old). After several minutes of silence he'll say, "Lindsay?"
"Yes, sweetie pie?"
"I love you."

Those moments are the best. :)

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