Monday, March 9, 2009

The Best Day

Yesterday was the best day from start to finish. It was the kind of day that's fairly uneventful, but even as its occurring you know its a good day. I love those days. Yesterday was that kind of day. Yesterday was the kind of day you want to store away in a little box somewhere so that when you're feeling low you can pull it out and get instant reassurance that everything will be alright. :)

I started the morning with one of my favorite people in the world. Being game day, we both refused to speak to each other, which I love. He's a Duke fan and I'm a Carolina fan. We are both a little obsessed with our teams. I swear we could be one of those commercials on ESPN about the rivals. So we refused to speak to each other and left my apartment with the words "May the best team win..." (And it did, by the way).

I then headed to my dad's where my brother was writing a report on Teddy Roosevelt. I tried to help him with his closing sentence. It was supposed to begin, "Teddy Roosevelt was a Great American because..." My suggestion: "Teddy Roosevelt was a great American because he set precedents in the United States that are still in tact today." Apparently that's not the kind of thing they are looking for in first grade because my brother laughed hysterically at that.

After my dad helped me with my taxes, we headed to Chapel Hill. I swear I start smiling as soon as I get in that town. I will live there again one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. We wanted to go to Azure for lunch, but discovered it wasn't open for lunch on weekends. We settled on Brixx where we discussed basketball and drank blue moons on a gorgeous 80 degree day. Perfection.

We then went to the Dean Dome where I saw two of my best friends from college. I was in tears before the game even started. Tyler Hansbrough was too. It was a great game and Carolina ended up winning 79-71. After the game, all the seniors spoke. Danny danced and Tyler cried. Roy choked up in the postgame interview. Those are the times I remember I will always be a "basketball girl" at heart.

Yesterday was perfect. :)

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