Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brush with Greatness

If you are familiar with Chapel Hill, or if you consider yourself somewhat of a fashion afficianado, or even a sports buff, then you have heard of Alexander Julian. He is an acclaimed clothing designer, though his most notable contribution to fashion comes in the form of basketball jerseys for the UNC men's basketball team. Yes, Julian is responsible for the argyle that makes me feel we are better than every team in the country, even when we aren't playing better than every team in the country. Basketball + fashion? Definitely a man after my own heart.

Saturday I got the opportunity to meet this legend at his store, Julian's. He donned a bright red jacket and green pants - definitely festive - while sipping some varietal of red vino.

I introduced my family to my latest love in the store, the Glen Carolina bamboo scarf, and made hints that it was definitely atop my Christmas list.

Julian embodies the idea of a perfect mess by taking two seemingly unrelated things, fashion and sports, and marrying them into a beautiful, superior, national championship winning union. :) The fact that those two seemingly unrelated things are my two passions -- that's just the cherry on top. :)

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  1. Ciao, Thanks for the kudos and coming into the store. It's great to have fans with a refined appreciation of design for the "Argyle Nation" and fashion. Please call us and connect through the store, as we would like to speak to you. Ask for Ronnie or Bart.
    Alexander Julian