Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Morning Review - Depressing Style

It was a sad weekend, both basketball and football wise. The bball boys took to the hardwood at Rupp Arena vs. #5 Kentucky. The matchup was one that was discussed to no end because of Kentucky's freshman phenom, John Wall. Wall is a Raleigh Word of God graduate, but someone that we ended up not wanting because of character issues. (Or as Roy puts it, "Sometimes the shoe just doesn't fit.") Kentucky dominated for most of the game, but only ended up winning by 2. I'm really proud of the boys for fighting back the way they did; I wasn't sure if this young team could do it.

Last night they announced bowl games. Meineke. Again. Not happy. The plus side? The money we saved not flying will now go to a Bahamas trip in March. :) At least we're going to a bowl. We're playing Pitt who is #17 in the country and not a very good matchup for us...

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