Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bowl Game Trip SLASH Why I love Carolina

White Horse came to pick us up at 6am the day after Christmas. Waking up was no problem -- I had been up since 2 because I found out my best friend got ENGAGED!! (Which, if you know us, basically means I got engaged. I'll let her wear the GORGEOUS ring though.) Trying to sleep on the train was like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve -- the excitment just makes it impossible.
We arrived in Charlotte and as soon as we walk in our hotel I see Deunta Williams. OH.MY.GOSH. So I call my brother over and tell him and we jump up and down and scream like little girls. Next thing I know THE ENTIRE TEAM is coming down the escalator. I could have gone back to Raleigh after that. It was amazing. Butch said "Merry Christmas" and "Go Heels" and I talked to Greg Little. (Actually I sort of stalked and pointed and said, "There's GREG!!" and he proceeded to come over and shake my hand and say "Whats up, How are you?" -- Again, could have gone home then).
We then went to lunch at this precious restaurant called Zinc. The food was delicious -- Daddy got some random beer and Lis and I split a bottle of wine (GAME DAY!). After lunch, we went back to the hotel where they were doing the equivalent of the "Old Well Walk" through the hotel. The team came through and high fived everyone. When TJ walked by Lisa yelled, "WE LOVE YOU TJ" and I honestly don't think I've ever seen someone look happier. Poor TJ has had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Everyone is giving him such a hard time when 2 years ago 2 eight win seasons in a row seemed impossible. But anyway, I digress. Back to the story. This is the part of the story that reaffirms my faith in athletics, gives me chills, and reminds me why I love my university more than anything. Marvin Austin came through on the Old Well walk, sunglasses on, per usual, but he was sobbing. SOBBING. I have never seen a guy cry so much in my life. If there was every any doubt he was leaving, it exited my body when I saw him. But can you blame him? And the fact that he loves Carolina enough to sob and visibly shake when he thinks about playing his last game, gives me CHILLS. Thank you, Marvin Austin, for reminding me why I love Carolina and college sports. You will be missed.

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