Wednesday, May 13, 2009

rant for the day: i.hate.state.

I'm a Raleigh girl, born and bred. I was born in Rex Hospital, grew up in the same ITB house my whole life, went to Broughton, remember the old/real North Hills, attended Icecaps games....heck, I even went to State games in Reynolds. That being said, I hate N.C. State. I don't really hate the school itself, that much. I normally judge a school by its athletics, and well, even on a good year State is mediocre at best. Yes, it is a little redneck (Moo U anyone??) and its fans are a little harsh, but I can live with that. Some of my best friends go/went to State and they aren't terribly horrible people. No, the thing that makes me hate N.C. State is not the school, athletics, or's the campus. State has by far one of the grossest campuses I have ever seen in my life, if we can even call it a campus. Spread out over Raleigh, it looks nothing like the pristine quads of shade, grass, and trees that I am used to (Ok, I'm a little biased having attended the prettiest University in the country). While I do not have the best sense of direction, I manage to get lost every time I am near State. Case in point, last night. I attended the Hurricanes game (not a State event, but at a State facility). It took me almost an hour to find my car in the gross gravel parking lot across from the gross dirty fairgrounds. The parking lots don't have names, they just say things like "North" "South" "East" and "West." Honestly, do you think I know which direction South is?? And if I don't know, I really doubt the average State fan is going to know.

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