Monday, March 5, 2012

ACC Champs!

Hey y'all! Forgive my absence the past few days, there are lot of excuses (including a trip to ATL which I'll report on later!), but the point is, I'm back!

I'm back and happy to report the Tar Heels took the regular season ACC title with a pretty definitive beatdown (18 points) of Duke in Cameron Saturday night. Ohhh it felt so, so sweet to get back at them for that Austin Rivers 3! ACC Tourney (aka the best time of the year) starts Thursday night.

I'm so grateful to live in North Carolina where people "get" it. When I was in school, teachers would have TV's brought into the classroom so that we could watch the games. While I'll be at work when the Heels first play on Friday at noon, I'll get it to catch most of it during lunch!

Let's go Heels!!!

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