Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Morning Review

The weekend started off well! Friday night was spent grilling out and watching the Heels win (in overtime!) to make it to the Elite 8. My best friend Emily ended up having to cancel her trip because of work so our friendship is still in tact.

Most of Saturday was spent at Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge. The star of the day? UNC commit Isaiah Hicks - a man among boys out there. This was also one of the highlights:
Man, were these cupcakes good.

Saturday night was for Chubby Taco's and basketball watching with Marcus. He just received some good news so we celebrated with taco salads and margaritas! Yum!

Sunday started on a high note with this:
Mac and Cheese from Poole's Diner

And ended on a very low note with this:

Kansas 80, UNC 67.

It was actually a great game and the score makes it look worse than it was (because of last minute fouls). In the end, we just couldn't overcome the injuries. Stilman did an amazing job though and combined for 13 assists/ 0 turnovers in his two games as a starter. Overall, it was a great season. It's easy to think "what if?" considering 4 of our top 6 players were out for the tournament (two for the season), but we have to remember how spoiled we are as Carolina fans. Elite 8 and ACC Champs is an incredible season. So proud to be a Tar Heel! Now the waiting game... who will be back next year? 

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