Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Atlanta Trip

On Thursday, we headed down to Atlanta to see Radiohead in concert. The concert was absolutely amazing, but I have one gripe. One gripe about concerts in general really. They never play the ONE song I want to hear. I always pick some smushy, lovey-dovey song and the band never plays it. With Radiohead, I gave them options. They could play No Surprises, High and Dry or Let Down. Alas, they played none. Sorry for the sidenote there. The concert was amazing nonetheless.

We got to the airport way early (I always do!), so this began our trip to Atlanta:
Oh hey, rum and dc at AJ's tavern.
We got to Atlanta, got unpacked and had a cocktail at the bar before heading to the concert. Forgive the pictures. Pictures from an iPhone in the 3rd tier of an NBA arena aren't the best, but just use your imaginations.

We went home that night and ordered takeout from a pizzeria down the street. I had a calzone the size of half my body. It was perfect.

The next morning we navigated our way to the High Museum of Art. 

It was a great museum, but was PACKED with little kids on field trips. I have nothing against little kids, but it was hard to really get a close look at some things, especially the featured exhibit on Modernists.

We then made our way to North Avenue for a lunchtime stop at the Varsity. Marcus had never been to the Varsity so I was excited to show him, especially considering his affinity for fast food. We got there rather quickly and weren't hungry yet, so we stopped at a restaurant that was a converted fire station for a drink.

Enjoying my *shocker* rum and dc in the old firestation.
Then it was Varsity time. YUM. The food isn't anything exceptional (though it really is the perfect greasy diner /fast food food), but it's something you must do in Atlanta.

Here was my meal:

And Marcus enjoying his first Varsity meal. He enjoyed it, despite this face. I wish he would be more agreeable about pictures!!

Next it was off to the aquarium! The Georgia Aquarium has a lot of really cool exhibits including dolphins, beluga whales and otters.

After the aquarium, we rested at the hotel before our dear friend Liz picked us up for a drink before dinner. It was so great to catch up with Liz and get a "local's feel" for Atlanta. I enjoyed chatting with Liz so much that I forgot to take a picture of her pretty face. Hate myself for that!

Dinner was down the street at Ecco. We started with a glass of prosecco and toasted the trip. Next we split a meat and cheese tray and some red wine! I love restaurants that are upscale, but don't have a quiet atmosphere and this one definitely fit the bill.

Saturday we slept in and headed back to Raleigh. I had forgotten how much I love long weekend getaways.

P.S. I never saw T.I. A guy did yell out of his car window at me that T.I. had signed him and asked me if I wanted to hang out. That didn't seem like the safest decision, so I politely declined.

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