Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun, Full and Fulfilled

This morning I was talking to my sweet friend Anna (who lets me rant and rave and ramble when I need to, sans judging) and found myself gossiping  to her about people I knew. I quickly caught myself and thought, "Ew. Lindsay, this is not you. Why do you care what suchandsuch is doing or what whatsherface said? This whole judging others thing is not.cute." 

(I often have weird monologues where I tell myself things are cute. or not.cute. Sometimes Anna and others get to hear them. Bless their hearts.)

At that moment, I remembered a quote I'd seen on, of course, Pinterest.

I haven't been on quite the Pinterest kick lately, so the fact that I remembered this quote showed me it really stuck out to me.

Of course, ideally, we wouldn't judge or gossip even if we had all the free time in the world. But I think this quote makes it a little more realistic. Who are we to judge others' lives when we should be spending that time improving our own lives? 

That lead me to the idea of: fun, full and fulfilled. I want my life to be bursting with those three "f"s. I am going to seek these three things at all times through family and friends, my career and the organizations that relate to it, my spirituality, sports, exercise, fellowship and more. 

Any tips on refining and improving in order to live a fun, full and fulfilled life? 

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