Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Morning Review

Dressed up as Marvin Austin

Homecoming + Halloween = a guaranteed good time. And it was. The Heels managed to pull out a 21-17 win over Mike Paulus and William and Mary. It was NOT pretty, but we got the W. We're now one win away from bowl eligibility. Unfortunately, we play FSU next game in Florida so it will be a daunting task. Also, Shankles tore his ACL so he is out for the season. Turns out he will be the 30th player to miss a game this season. That is almost a third of the team. Insane.

The weekend itself was great. Fun with friends and family all weekend. So game day! I got to see so many people from school, including one of my best friends/my little sister from my sorority. Basketball season starts Friday. Stay tuned. :)

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