Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank You, Seniors! (aka I love you, TJ)

Saturday's game against State is Senior Day. I know Saturday will be a busy and emotional day, so I'm going to thank our seniors now (read: I'm not going to be able to thank them Saturday when I'm sobbing knowing it's TJ's last game in Kenan).

Thank you seniors for everything you've done. We will be going to a bowl game for the third year in a row this year. For Carolina football standards, that's amazing! During your four years, I've become the biggest Carolina football fan I've ever been and I have you to thank for that.

To my two favorite seniors:

Deunta Williams - Thanks for all your clutch tackles and interceptions. Thank you most for saying "I'm Deunta Williams and I'm a Tar Heel" with the biggest, most handsome smile on your face. It brightened my day to see that. Each time I met you, you were exceptionally friendly and embodied the kind of student-athlete I want representing my university. Thank you, Deunta.

And now, sweet baby.

TJ Yates - Oh goodness. Where do I begin. You have turned me into the college football fan that I am now. I started out in college liking Cam Sexton and being upset with you for battling him for his job. How things have changed! You have put up with so much from Carolina fans and never been bitter about it. You've been a great spokesperson for the team. You will leave Carolina with your name in the record books. I know you're leaving us in capable hands with Bryn, but Carolina fans will miss you more than they know. I'm going to miss yelling "WE LOVE YOU TJ" and you giving a little fist pump more than you know. Thanks Teejy for everything - now let's go beat the Pack and Blue Devils and get ready for a bowl game victory!!!

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