Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tailgate Treats: State Edition

Y'all, Saturday is huge. We play State at home. I didn't post about our last game, because, well, it's my blog and sometimes I have selective memory and choose to "forget" bad games. Anyway, the State game is always big, but we desperately need a win. Also, State has won the last three in the series so we need to take a stand.

It will be senior day. I'll do a Thank You Seniors post soon (which will basically be a We Love You, TJ! post, just for fair warning).

Until then, here are Saturday's tailgate treats for the noon kickoff:

Slow cooker breakfast casserole (I'm so excited about this, but it could end up being a disaster. I'll keep you posted.)
Cream cheese danish squares (new recipe!)
Carolina Cake Balls (These were a huge hit last week. I've had a couple of baking successes lately which is huge for me! Promise to post a picture this time).

Stay tuned for senior day and I hate state posts. Lovelovelove.

Carolina Cake Balls

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