Thursday, January 27, 2011

(Wow I'm really not close to it this week) Monday Morning Review

Hey sweet readers! Here it is, Thursday (thank the good Lord in Heaven) and I am just writing the Monday Morning Review. It's sunny out today which makes my heart smile ridiculous amounts. It's still chilly, but it's been dreadfully rainy and gloomy so I'll take what I can get.

All stayed right with the world last week when we beat Clemson for the 55th time in a row in Chapel Hill. I, unfortunately, came down with a bout of the flu last week (get your flu shots, my friends - it.was.miserable) and did not go to the game. Between the flu, moving and a HUGE work meeting, things have been crazy. Today has been the first day I've gotten a chance to breathe and boy, does it feel lovely.

Last night, the bball boys hit the road to take on Miami. We started off incredibly slow and got ourselves in a big, ugly hole, but managed to come back and tie it up at halftime. The whole second half was close, but we ended up winning on by three on a clutch 3-point shot by Harrison. Thank you, Mr. Barnes! He has hit several clutch shots lately. You will not here an "overrated" chant anywhere near the lips of this girl.

Next up: State on Saturday following a champagne brunch at Carmichael. Count this girl in! 

Moving was successful. I am so blessed to have a set of awesome guy friends that helped me and did most of the grunt work while I was feeling less than stellar. I love y'all! It's nice to have someone to lounge around with and have a glass of wine with at the end of the work day.

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