Friday, January 14, 2011

A Game of Extremes

I'm going to go ahead and post about last night's basketball game since we have another one this weekend and I don't want the Monday Morning Review to get too crowded. Last night the bball boys took on Va. Tech in our ACC home opener. The game started out horribly! The first few plays of the game were turnovers and we found ourselves in a 31-15 hole. Things looked hopeless. Dexter was all over the place, Harrison was forcing shots, Malcom Delaney couldn't miss - things were a mess.

We then made a run to bring us to within seven at the half. The second half was tight. Kendall came in and played awesome (even Little Larry Fan Club Prez over here has to admit it) and kept us in the game. Va. Tech only had eight scholarship players and I think it wore on them - four or five players ended up having cramps throughout the second half. We were down five with only a few minutes left when Mr. Barnes decided to redeem himself. He hit two three pointers and a fadeaway jumper to give us the lead. We ended up winning 64-61. The Dean Dome was electric! It was a late game on a school night, but the boys hung in there and took care of business so we stayed and harked. It wasn't pretty, but it counts. I'm so proud of the boys for hanging in there.

The ACC is crazy (bad) this year. Somehow BC and us are the only teams without an ACC lost, BC at 3-0 and us at 2-0. Duke lost to FSU two nights ago in a battle. I'm not sure how we're atop the ACC, but I'll take it. GO HEELS!

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