Friday, January 28, 2011

Craving: Warm Weather

Happy Friday, sweet sweet readers! This has been A WEEK! Wine o'clock cannot come soon enough this evening. But I digress. I am craving warm weather. In a serious serious way. As you know, I moved last week into a beautiful house with one of my best friends Lauren. We have this ridiculously awesome sunroom that I'm pretty sure I'm going to live in when it gets warm. It keeps calling my name, "Lindsay, Lindsay, don't you want to sit out here and drink wine and eat cheese and crackers? Lindsay, Lindsay, don't you want to spend a lazy Saturday lounging on the loveseat out here, reading fashion magazines and eating Bon-Bons?" Why, yes I do sunroom, but these below freezing temps are not helping the situation. I also got a brand new grill for Christmas that we're dying to try out one weekend. We can't wait to play with our new cornhole board too! Ugh, winter, why must you torture me so?

On that note, I think I'm going skiing in a few weeks. Now, guys, the one time I went skiing in my life was sort of traumatic. I was about six years old and in a little skiing lesson for kids. My dad, meanwhile, was in a lesson for adults. All of the sudden out of nowhere my dad comes barreling through our kids lesson, unable to stop, and takes out a few kids on the way. I haven't been skiing since. But the boys invited me to tag along on their ski weekend in a few weeks in Blowing Rock. I don't know about the skiing, but the house has a hot tub and I'm a big fan of hot tubs.

Sidenote: Living with a roommate is awesome in many ways, but one unexpected benefit is I don't eat as much! I always used to cook goodies when I was bored and despite good intentions, ended up eating half of the batter along the way. Now I hang out with the roomie when I'm bored. While I may be pale in my bathingsuit in the hot tub, I will not be fat.

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